Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

My latest adventure ;)

Sooo because I’m slightly insane, I randomly decided a good goal for my *cough*45th*cough* birthday would be to be able to do a handstand.  It should be noted that I have *never* done a handstand in my life lol.   While young and bendy I could do walkovers or even wander a few steps on my hands, but I absolutely never had strength, patience, or control to just lift into being upside down.  But sure - no reason (you know, beyond common sense and reality) - that I couldn’t do it now.  Certainly the complete lack of wrist strength won’t be an issue lol.

So I did a couple wks of wrist exercises, and got to the point that I could hold crow for a solid 5 seconds.  Which sounds ridiculously short until you’re trying to hold this position and not fall on your face ;)

I mean, it's about as unattractive a pose as it gets, but I was still proud to pull it off!

So today was Day 1 of 8 wk learn to handstand program.   Lol lessons learned:

  • pillow is an important safety item
  • video is critical to learning a new skill alone
  • some of these positions are a lot scarier than you’d think
  • finding a friend w actual significant gymnastics exp is super helpful ;)

Program started w a warmup and then strength building.  I loved that it warns you if you’re new, only do one round of strength before the handstand focus because otherwise you’ll be too tired for the important part.  “Come back after for the last two rounds” lol

So - the L stand - way scarier than I would’ve thought; more so than the handstand itself.  But it combined w video showed me very quickly how far forward I had to be to have my upper body vertical.  Helpful.

Not me, but this is what it's supposed to look like

Then it was time to practice the “kick-up” aka - handstand against a wall.   There were many many efforts to get up.  There were 4 “successful” - in that both feet got up.  Of those, there were two that didn’t result in me on a pile on the floor lol

Seriously - the first time I got up, I landed on my head.  Was like wtf?!?!   The second I got up I fell over???   Not new to falling, so figured I had to do it again right away.  Not stupid so went and got a pillow ;).  2nd try - win!   Got up, and down, of my own power.  Felt awesome.

Nola checking out my safety pillow

Got cocky - “just one more time”.  Right.  At least I landed on the pillow this time.   But by now my shoulders were hurting so I figured call it.

I did have a video though so reviewed and figured out I was too far from the wall.  So a meeting or two later went to try again and nailed it!   I was soooooo excited!!!   

Sent video to my friend Elaine who is currently the only person who knows about this adventure and conveniently also a former gymnast, and she gave me super helpful tips for tomorrow.  So we shall see.   Fingers crossed ;)


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