Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I'm telling you stories. Trust me.

So the other night I went dancing w a girlfriend. Yes you read that right and no I’m not even kidding lol. Definitely high on the list of sentences I never thought I’d write outside of a #FridayFlash.

Yeah - didn't look anything like that ;-P

So where to start…. The idea was Latin dance at a sports bar. Hmmm def seemed a little sketch but ok? Dinner, lesson, dance.

So we showed up for dinner but given that all the tables were moved to make room for a dance floor, this was a very awkward situation and we opted out. On the way we met somebody who encouraged us to stay and/or come back. Which at least got us back. We went and found dinner, which unfortunately meant we missed the lesson.

When we got back the place was *packed* and the lesson was just ending. It looked like a lot of fun and if I did it again I’d prioritize joining the lesson if I could.

Actually had so much fun. It was so crowded that it was easy to blend - zero concern that anybody could care less what I was doing lol. I do think it would’ve been better with a partner but it was still fun w just us girls :). Apparently used to be normal at these things that no matter who you came with, you switched partners every dance. I suspect that’d be either brilliance or disaster lol

Also "used to be normal?!?!" In my entire adult life it never occurred to me that "going dancing" was a thing.  Like the closest equivalent in my experience was clubbing in uni, and - suffice to say - dancing was not actually the primary objective of that activity ;). If I gave any thought to it at all, it would've been pop culture references to the 60s or earlier, not current day, and probably not Latin ;).   I'm both sad and bemused that I didn't realise this was real life decades ago.  Or maybe it wasn't and is making a comeback?   Idk.  Google tells me it really is a thing in Toronto and some GTA.  Alas, does not appear to have made it to Niagara (I can hear C's relief from here).

I mean, what time period comes to mind
when you think of "going dancing"?

I don’t *think* I was the worst dancer there lol although Em (who actually knows how to dance) might disagree. It seemed to me there were some way more lost than I, although there were definitely a few songs that I struggled to figure out which dance would fit the beat - fortunately lots of good dancers made it pretty easy to cheat and get the right answer ;). Was definitely fun to just do whatever I felt like, but flip side, got slightly boring after a while cause I don’t have a huge repertoire to pick from. Also, was so crowded that had to basically dance on the spot which is less fun.  I like to spin ;-P

After a couple hours we noticed a distinct increase in us getting trampled or bumped into, presumably related to the amount of alcohol consumption. Em got stomped by a stiletto and shortly after that we noped out.

Seriously.  They're named after this for a reason!

Overall thought was a fun night, and even just fun to watch some of those who can really dance. Both the age and skill range were quite large and the gender balance was close to equal; maybe slightly more women but not hugely disproportionate. It did definitely recreate the feelings of “I wish I could dance” lol but at least I felt like I could do some of the very basics.  

So yeah - far far out of my comfort zone, and glad Em invited me to go. Was a fun night :).  We won't discuss the drive home where I was foolish enough to assume the 401 would be traversable at midnight ;-P


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