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Virtual Fitness Challenge week 1.5 ;)

 So week one results, so to speak, have been less than thrilling :(

The main dietary change I've made is drinking bucketloads of water.  

Okay, maybe not a bucket, but a *huge* amount

For she who generally drinks a 600ml bottle over two days, this beast is a challenge, and definitely does not leave me feeling all that great.  I do love the bottle though and am ridiculously motivated by the time stamps.  On the plus side, drinking that much has lead to far less snacking and far less coke consumption (the pop people!).  On the down side -- I've gained weight?!?!?   I'm assuming it's literally water weight, but that seems so unfair.

Exercise-wise -- since Jan 1, I've ridden 55km in an hour and 45 mins.  That's not super impressive for sure, so I'll try to up that next week (not the speed, the distance).  I've been doing longer boxing attempts, and oh shape with weights.  Those I think are helpful, but again, trying to build stamina to go for longer.   Also trying to obey the Fitbit and move every hour.  Not far, but at least a little.  Haven't yet gotten every hour, but I'm getting pretty good at a consistent 6h's.  

A huge improvement from day 1.

Still stationary most of the day; not sure realistically that'll change given the whole desk job thing.  But we'll see.  Focusing on the breaking up of the day since that's apparently important.   Also not really focusing on step count cause Beat Saber can falsely inflate those numbers ;)

I did film an Oh Shape workout as a demo, but having ALL the technical issues transitioning it here, so I'll try another one another day.

Okay - back to school now.


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