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Still learning...

So I looked up a word in Spanish today: cicatrización.  It was just a word, with no context.  The exercise was “select the word that doesn’t fit” - since I knew the other words in the list, I knew this would be the right answer.  But as part of my learning, and word in the list that I don’t know, I look up.

Except in English, it’s the exact same thing?!?!?  lol the only difference is the t instead of the c at the end, which in my brain at this point isn’t even noticeable.   So that was ZERO help and I had to check my ego and go googling.   

Lol so those of you who do know - congrats, you have more medical training than I do.  Don’t be too proud - that’s not hard to do ;-P   For those who don’t, it’s a type of wound healing.   Don’t you feel smarter now?  You’re welcome ;)

I have the first week of March off school, and am hoping to do some form of Spanish boot-camp that week.  Obviously can’t go anywhere this year (sad) so looking for online options.   To prep, I decided Feb would have any spare minutes given to Spanish practice.  To help enable this I turned both my FB and my phone to Spanish.   So for FB, that’s pretty much a non issue.  But my phone and I have a love hate relationship even when we speak the same language, so it might be an interesting month ;)   Wish me luck!   Also - FB’s list of languages is impressive.  I was slightly horrified by how many of them I’d never heard of.  And that was just the ones with the latin alphabet!   Although “English Upside down” made me laugh - for the Aussie’s maybe?   And I was disappointed that Pirate doesn’t seem to be in the list anymore?

I wonder how long I'd last reading upside down?


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