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This term's adventure

Alright so we’re into the new term - Finance and Strategic HR this term.
  HR I’m kinda indifferent to.  I actually expected to like it more than I do so far but the content they’ve chosen is just *yawn*.  Finance otoh, thankfully has excellent modules but omg it’s brutal.   The last question I did required 22 calculations.  Ugh.  So far I mostly get the calculations easily enough - it's not difficult math as long as I can figure out what number is required, but it's going to take me a bit to figure out what the numbers actually mean.  The ability to be able to do an in-depth analysis based solely off the numbers is the primary objective of the course, and honestly - a super useful skill.  But it's a big learning curve for me in the next 8 weeks!

And of course, given this school's complete inability to manage administrative manners, both classes are at the same time again.  Here's hoping we can convince one of the profs to move it *sigh*

And in the meantime, Spanish continues.  I’m still frustrated by crawling progress at times, but this the other day I finished both a book and a series of listening exercises that I haven’t done in a while; they used to be hard and were reasonably easy today, so I'm deeming that progress.   This year's focus is definitely going to be on improving my listening skills.


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