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Mindfulness Adventures Continued

 So binge watching Headspace was an interesting experience.  I’ve been playing, inconsistently, with meditation for the last few months.  The science behind it fascinates me; the application, less so.  Although the one thing I have noticed is that I consistently sleep better after meditating...

I also was stitching while watching one episode and they were talking about counting the breaths as I was counting stitches and, well, the light went on.  Lol clearly this is why I find stabbing so hypnotic, and also why it’s only the complex patterns that cause it - cause they take all my brain focus and other thoughts can’t wander in to interrupt.  Less complicated patterns are just to keep my hands busy when I’m paying attention to something or somebody else.   

This one was completely mindless

The Bomb one had a relaxing “colouring” impact with that immediate sense of completion after every colour.  But it wasn’t hypnotic to do it as it required negligible attention.  

Each episode of Headspace I gave a solid effort at participating in the guided meditation part of the episode.  I didn’t make it all the way through most of them, but was interesting to me which ones really worked for me, and conversely, which ones absolutely did not.  Lol one completely stressed me out; so I figured I needed to watch another episode to undo that one.  And it worked :)

I do like that most of them had a “let your mind wander” break in the middle.  That was helpful.  I’m also getting better at doing it slightly longer, but I get bored so fast and then stressed about all the things I could be doing instead.  Which is precisely why I’m working on this but still.  Argh.

Ah well - should sleep well tonight!


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