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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The games continue...

Alright so I'm struggling with the fact that it's week 4 but not the last week of January...  lol in a *normal* year 5 Saturday months are awesome.  Right now they're just confusing.

Okay so this week my weight remains stable with where it was last week.  Which is better than it was through most of 2020 but not as good as pre-2020 ;)   Still, progress.  I'm generally feeling better (as long as we don't count muscle soreness) and I definitely have more energy.  I'm also sleeping more consistently, which is lovely.  And, the Apollo arms are on their way back.  Lol - those who know...   

I'm comparing Thurs to last week's Friday because on Friday my Fitbit died a tragic death.  Or more, it went on strike, deeming it was no longer going to remind me to move (like seriously lady?  Can't you figure this out on your own?), relay messages to me, or wake me up when it was supposed to.  It was still technically counting steps, but honestly, without the reminder to move time just passes and there are no steps to count.  A new (to me) Fitbit was brought to life today (thanks to Mum getting a new smartwatch for Christmas, I got to inherit her last Fitbit, which is still newer than mine - woohoo!) - so count should be good to go next week.

Definitely getting better; also definitely not every day yet!

Generally I'm finding the bike still gets the best workout, but it really depends how into it I am.  The games almost always guarantee a top heart rate, but just riding if I don't go out of my way to make an effort, I don't even get into the orange zone, much less the DARK orange zone ;)   Today, for instance, I was not at all into it ;)   Boxing and dancing are not far behind; if I'm lazy, they'll outrank the cycling (like today!)

For comparison - today's "workouts"

It was kinda meh in Vancouver today and I wasn't really into it
Still gorgeous though!

Beat Saber is by far my favourite. This vid below was from a few days ago, but it took till today for me to manage to get it onto a computer :)   I don't love this song, but sharing partially because it has a TON of squats and demonstrates how (especially when you play the same game half a dozen times in a row), you can actually get a workout doing this, and partially because I *earned* this one.  Lol when I've played against live people, a few times they've picked this song and I am always eliminated within a few seconds.  So I finally got frustrated enough that I decided I needed to learn how to pass this song.  Played it on slow motion a few times so I could figure it out, then sped it back up.  And now I can pass :) Woohoo!  I'm not *good* at it yet, but at least i can get throughout.  Also, this is the first round of Beat Saber that's ever come close to making me motion sick -- I'm guessing cause of all the walls :(   But I played other songs after and they were np, so assuming it's just this song.  

For those who've never played before, you can feel when you cut a block (there's feedback in the controller you're holding) so you know if you've hit it or not.  Objective is to hit each block with the matching colour light saber, striking in the direction of the arrows.  And to duck or dodge walls and avoid hitting bombs.  It is wildly addictive.

In related news - I passed my first ever Expert +!!!  Woohoo!!!  But because it's a recognizable song, they won't let me share the video :(   Boooo.  It is on my FB if you're interested :)   K recommended a song that might be a good first attempt and she was right :)

I'll try to remember to film a dance one next week.  I'm still thoroughly in beginner mode there so it'll be pretty boring to watch ;-P   But at least I'm up to the 6 minute rounds now *g*   Of all the games I play, that's the only one where the "coach" makes a difference.  There's one woman who gives clear instructions with enough notice that I can always follow.  The other two I've tried (one woman, one man) either give instructions too late or that don't make sense, so I have to watch what they do and then mimic it -- but I lose a ton of points when I "miss" to see what we're supposed to do.


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