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Eat ALL the Things!!!

Alright continuing the virtual fitness accountability...  Honestly, I was a little terrified to step on the scale today because I've done nothing but eat -- and primarily junk food at that -- for the last 3 or 4 days...   Candy, cashews, more candy, cake, fries, ALL the bread, more candy, and all the coke I didn't drink for the first four weeks.  *sigh*.   It was not a good week and I definitely can feel the physical impact.

Just like that ;)

However, I actually still managed to drop a pound?  lol only one - but really, I should've gained like 10.  So I'm pretty pleased at that.  Imagine how much better it would've been if I hadn't eaten like a teenage boy all week.

Actual measurements to be taken tomorrow.
Or prob Wednesday really - after papers are both submitted ;)

So as far as exercise goes -- the last time I rode my bike was the 23rd, so yeah.  Not this week.   I did box most days, with some dance thrown in.  And I'm getting better at making both of those significant workouts.  My heart rate goes up, I'm soaked in sweat, and I feel good.  Some days I'm even muscle sore the next day -- mostly depending how many squats were involved.

Oh Shape I don't think I used at all this week.  I just don't really enjoy it.  Some of them have some fun side to side jumps, which I like.  And it's an amazing arm workout -- if I put my arm weights on, I usually am struggling to lift the left one by the end of the first or second round.   To be fair to me - this is always *after* boxing, so they're slightly fatigued already, but I'm still shocked at how quickly this game exhausts them.  But mostly I just don't enjoy it.  I think at least partially cause the scoring is so random and very frustrating, so the motivation to do "just one more round" isn't there at all.  I did finally get the video off my Quest, so here's one that shows all the things...   Cut short cause of file size and, well, it's not that exciting to watch after the first minute ;)

Knock floating things out of the way
Dodge or duck under yellow walls
Punch red walls
Otherwise, make your body fit through the hole in the wall

Fitbit results were in line with the rest of the week...   I won't get my summary email till Mon or Tues but will be interesting to see if it was improvement over last week, cause it definitely didn't feel like it.  I had two days where "active time" was higher than sedentary time, so I was super pleased at that.   There were four days where I got my 250 steps every hour (it is set to track for 12h each day), and two days where I had 11 of 12, so pretty damn close (given that flipping back to the start I was pleased to achieve 6h....)

Last week vs this week (Saturday)

I earned Saturday's results.   They certainly weren't the best of the week by any means, BUT - I was writing a paper all day.  So without concerted effort, I would've sat at my desk pretty well all day with maybe a lunch and a snack interruption and not much else.   Not sure it was great for the quality of my paper lol, but it definitely helped from a health perspective.


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