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Vacation Daydreams

So I think I've mentioned before that I'm going on vacation this summer... And I don't know where :) Anyways, this has raised some questions so....

My mum and I have gone on a few trips together -- be it roadtripping to Vermont or lying on a beach in Jamaica :) And we were discussing the possibility of a road trip. Since I'm intending to be very busy with a farm over the next few years, my thought is if I'm going anywhere, it should be this summer.

So her suggestion was that we should go to the rockies, since I've never been out west before. Brilliant! Let's go :) Oh wait, that's @ least a 3wk road trip and both of us are contractors. Therefore no vacation pay. Therefore we leave, we don't get paid. Therefore there's absolutely no way I (@ least, I won't presume to speak for her :) can afford to go. Booo.

So we tossed around the possibility of a one-way road-trip and flying back which is also fine with me :) But the conversation moved on to other things and I mostly filed it under the "would be nice but not likely to actually happen" category of things. Also known as daydreaming :)

Fast-forward a few days and my mum says "so I was thinking, in terms of billable hours, if we book a trip around a long weekend we can take three days off and go for six." Sweet. Good call Mum :) And then as I'm all agreeing to this, the fun part, "ok and I know where we're going, but you don't. How's the Aug long weeknd work for you?" hahaha seriously? Very kewl. So I check the sched, means I can't go to GV but that's ok (B'll forgive me I'm sure -- I'll go in the fall :) My boss was out of town that week so I had to wait for him to get back so I could clear the vaca time from work. In the end though -- good to go :)

Woohoo! Now we're playing Where in the World is our Vacation? *g* I'm still betting on the rockies, but here are the clues as I have them for any so inclined to join in *g*:

- "Is your passport up to date?" - could potentially mean leaving the country, but does not *necessarily* mean leaving the country :) Which narrows things down to, oh yeah, the whole world.

- "you don't go to the Caribbean in July" (this covers about all beach destinations and everywhere really hot; I think the Arabian desert is out :)

- "you'll need a camera" - ummm again pretty much leaves the whole world open given that more often than not I even bring my camera to work with me.

- "you'll need hiking boots." "Real hiking boots?" "No, running shoes are fine."

- "you shouldn't need to buy anything to go." - this cuts out extreme camping and extreme cold (awwww >;-P And I was so looking forward to Antarctica!)

- Was chatting about it with my brother saying well it's not likely to be X, Y, Z cause I've already been there, or A, B, C cause Mum's already been there, when she joins in with "well actually I *have* been there before". So A, B, and C are back in :) (in this case it was Spain and Portugal).

- Then I clued in that if she has been there before it cuts out all the places she hasn't been. Leading to eventual confirmation that . . .

- "it's in North America"

And that's where we're at now. And it's not helping curtail that whole daydreaming habit *g* I guess I'll find out in about 7 wks :) Guesses anybody?


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