Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

In my world, time runs backwards.

Have you ever noticed that being really early for things makes you late? I was meeting a friend for dinner last night, but I finished early at the barn. So I got there w/ 1/2 hour to spare. No book to read. Ok well there's a Fairweather Outlet across the street - n I can't remember the last time I got new clothes. Go in and discover that on top of being an outlet, they're having a sale. Sweet. And they have stuff I like. Even better :)

So half an hour later when my phone buzzes I'm standing in the changeroom. "You still shopping?" hahaha had let her know how I was going to kill time. Quick text explaining where I am and that I'll be there shortly and we're all good. I get this response: "You're shopping for clothes???" "I'm desperate." "I thought you'd be @ Greenhawk." "My horse already HAS clothes!" hahaha well I was amused anyways. But the trip was successful. Couple new office outfits (most of which are fall-temps so have to wait a bit to wear them) and some great sport Ts that can be worn now :) All good. No petite section so no pants (normal ones are way too long...) Which was what I was most desperate for, but such is life. Found this super-cute, super-cheap office-appropriate dress, but the only one they had was about two sizes too big. Booo.

But I was sort of amused that in the end my excuse for being late was that I was too early *g* hahaha only in my world. I love my world >;-P

And now for your daily sappy moment. Fran sent me this. N I bawled. So I thought I'd share :) hahaha but I'm a suck so keep that in mind *g* Enjoy! (ed to add - when I posted it here it added a commercial to the beginning. Boo. Worth the 30 second wait though imho.)

Klenex Alert!


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