Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


Ok so did you read the last post? Brutal run today.

Yeah so then I get to the barn, and somehow I hit a miraculous traffic hole that leaves me with enough time to ride were I so inclined before I start to teach. Thought about that for all of about 10 seconds. So not going to happen. Graze pony instead. I think Sienna's all for the running idea *g*.

Next go teach all night. And it's a definite brilliance or disaster night. Somebody set gravity too high and entirely too many people seem to be unintentionally dismounting; yet otoh, several of my students put in the best rides I've ever seen from them. That part was pretty impressive.

I'm finally through the last lesson. My legs are basically shaking holding me up (damn quads - stupid short fast miles mutter mutter mutter. Should NOT be so unfit. Ridiculous! ok back to regularly scheduled story). All I want to do is fall into my car and magically transport myself to bed. And then a student who was quite overmounted on a reasonably hot horse comes over and asks me if I could get on and show her how it's supposed to work. All I could think was "no, probably not." I suspect I even said it out loud *g* Filters don't work so well when I'm tired.

I wasn't even entirely convinced I could get ON the horse, much less ride it well. But that's my job. And part of the reason my students trust me is that I am entirely willing to get on and show them if they're having troubles (even if they hate me afterwards. S gets the award for that one after I got on and cantered her horse on the "impossible" lead on the first try and all I hear in the bg is "oh F..." hahahha) And sometimes I'll get on to figure out exactly what the trouble is. So the request was fair. But getting on a hot (and now spun) horse when I'm too tired to stand was not high on my priority list. But I did it. Not well by any stretch of the imagination, but I got on n walked and trotted horse around pretty much on the buckle to prove it could be done. N much as I think that horse would be a blast to jump, I had enough sense to know there was no way my body could handle 2-pt *g* so I didn't play over any of the fences. hahaha

And now I have earned the right to sleep. Night.


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