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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Interesting people...

So I was at Blinds to Go today, looking to pick up some new blinds for work, and this woman storms in the front door "Where's my money?" absolutely livid. No way she's going to wait patiently in line, so the woman helping me turns to deal with her. "I paid you and then you upped the price so I want my money back. That was three weeks ago. I called the cops; if I don't have my money today they're coming with me tomorrow. Theft under $5000." She's going on and on and on and on. This poor sales lady is saying she has no money and can't give refunds here, that refunds have to come from head office. Even tries to call head office but gets vmail. Unhappy customer is telling sales lady she'll be held personally responsible since it's her name on the sales slip and they're going to arrest her for theft. Etc etc. Which seemed highly unlikely to me, but what do I know? I've heard of people threatening to sue before, but this seemed a far more impressive threat. By this point another sales lady has come and discretely led me away to help me on the other side of the store, but the client's conversation was clear, and from her words one could easily fill in what the sales lady must have said. Woman was just nasty -- on top of the over-the-top reaction of dragging the cops in (if that's actually more than just talk) she was personally attacking the sales lady along the lines of "you must be completely useless at your job. You say this was done and did you ever call to see if I got my cheque?" And I'm thinking of all the people who've paid me by cheque -- not one of them has ever called to see if I got it. hahaha and only once have I ever called somebody to see if they got it, and that was *months* after the fact when it still hadn't been cashed. I'm suspect if the cheque didn't make it to somebody, the recipient would track it down. I'm pretty sure that's fairly standard.

Most amusing part -- at one point when both sales ladies were turned away from the ranting customer, she turns to me, smiles and mouths "sorry" for holding me up. Made me think a whole lot of this was a rather intense act of the "squeaky wheel" variety. She stormed out just as I was finishing up, having been promised a call from head office whenever they got through to them and threatening to be back tomorrow cops in tow. Almost makes me want to go back tomorrow to see how it plays out :)

Random silliness for today: Blank Maps Seriously. Written by the same guy who published a dictionary entirely of one-letter words :)

And slightly more serious: History repeats itself - a blog that unfortunately seems to not be kept up any more, but whose archive is worth reading. Takes current (well as of 08) news and finds similar articles from the last century.

Read the latest Lee Child book this wknd n have to admit I was really disappointed. I usually really like his Jack Reacher books - great character. And one of them has about the best opening chapter ever. But in this one both A, Jack wasn't nearly as strong a character and B, the bad guy was blatantly obvious right from the beginning. Usually when a character is that obvious it turns out to be some fluke string of coincidences that makes them seem obvious, and the *real* bad guy is this character over here that you overlooked. And that's why I kept reading -- I was waiting to see how he came to be innocent and who the real one was. And was sorely disappointed. Boooo. Ok end of rant. :)


Got a serious chuckle out of this one... And my fave line that rang oh so true...

"I've heard of people threatening to sue before, but this seemed a far more impressive threat."


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