Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

To run or not to run? Quit asking me stupid questions!

And here we learn yet another reason why running is BAD.

So I've been running a couple times/wk since... about the beginning of May I guess (ummmm minus the 2 wks of 30deg weather!). I run a 2k loop and usually do either 2 or 4 k (w/ a half-k walk to and from the start of my loop :). If I do 2, I run pretty hard; put some fairly serious effort into it and make good time (ummmm this'd be good time for *me* - not for anybody who actually runs! :) If I do 4 it's usually more of an easy jog *g* Mondays, which always follow my longest non-running break, so I'm generally pretty refreshed, are when I always consider upping it a little. And generally reject the idea :)

So today I decided it was time to up it a little. Figured I'd do an easy 6. (uh huh -- I was deluding myself given that I've never run 6k in my life. Same way the 4' square oxer is "only 2'6". I'm good at the mental games :) It's overcast and not too hot. Shouldn't be a problem. Uh huh -- till I get outside and it's super-muggy out. Ugh. Don't even want to walk!

Yeah so apparently my brain and my body were not communicating particularly well today. Brain was saying "long slow miles" body was saying "short fast miles". Fine - let the body win, but still, somehow, with thoughts of the 6k in the back of my head. Booted it around 3k with only slight consideration for the fact that this is much farther than I traditionally make it at this speed. But everything felt good. Breathing matched my stride, covering a reasonable amount of ground, happily daydreaming away (a definite sign I'm not working too hard :).

All good right? Yeah well clearly the running gods were NOT happy about this. They hit back hard! I rounded the the 3k mark still zipping along in my happy little world (everybody knows me there :) and then suddenly not zipping so much. Hands started shaking, legs felt like I had 80lb weights on them, and I was ridiculously nauseous. Ugh. No fun @ all. And an almost instantaneous change at that. Still not particularly puffing and my heart-rate came back down within a block or two. But the rest. Ugh. So far from making it to 6, I didn't even hit the 4 I usually do. Boooo. 3 fast and 1 walk. *sigh* Cause I definitely walked the last one back -- and if there'd been anywhere to stop and sit on the way, I absolutely would've done so.

Man. Cruel and unusual I tell you. And now? A couple hours later? NP so long as I don't try to squat or go up or down stairs. Just as well I'm not jumping or doing gallop sets tonight! hahaha 2 pt would so not be an option. Not sure what tomorrow'll feel like.


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