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The RollyPollyPaintPony and other adventures...

Have any of you seen Castle? On TV, I have no idea what day (yeah DVR), but the more I watch it the more I'm enjoying it. The premise struck me as particularly banal but what can you do eh? Anyways -- title character is Richard Castle and he's an author -- the idea is he's researching a cop novel by following a homicide detective around -- and a few episodes ago showed his book, Heat Wave, being released etc. So I was fairly amused when this popped up on my Amazon suggestions: hahaha so somebody's having fun with cross-genre-marketing. I was impressed anyways :)

Had a blast riding around Hillsburgh w/ Kerri on Sun. On a RollyPollyPaintPony (and yes that's all one word). hahaha other than feeling slightly *stretched* after (sleek TB she was not :) it was a riot. Was far more amused than Kerri by the fact that we rode literally past her front yard -- comeon what little girl hasn't dreamed of riding her pony down her street? hahaha So we're going up this reasonably large hill and RollyPollyPaintPony wants to jog cause it'd be easier, but I'm being all dedicated and keeping her in a walk -- until Kerri's horse jogs by and I figure well if she's letting him jog I can too... Made some comment to that effect and the response was "oh I wasn't *letting* him jog, I was making him. But now he's just racing her." and that just struck me as one of the funniest things ever. Now keep in mind, my background is OTTBs who race at a pace where you hope they know where they're going because you can't see through the tears in your eyes... To find myself "racing" in a gait that dismounted I could walk faster. Seriously -- this made the trot-races of days gone by seem like the Kentucky Durby. hahaha Poor Iroc :) In his world though, a race it was. I seriously don't think RPPP was considering it a race any more than I was. Racing is simply not in her contract. She eats, and walks, and eats, and jogs, and eats, and waves at people in the town, and eats... And occasionally, when necessary, eats a little :) And that's it. There is no racing in there anywhere -- no matter what the foolish other horses may be doing. So yeah it was a fun ride. Kinda nice to hack around on something completely and entirely bombproof! AND we got back and finished right *before* it started to rain. hahaha perfect.

Under the "it's the little things" category of things. Was coming home yesterday and stopped at a red light and the cabby next to me starts signing at me. But unlike the truly rude and obnoxious gestures of most people stopped in rush hour traffic, he was warning me about the speed trap up ahead. Now there's a speed trap there at least three days a wk so I wasn't likely to go flying through there anyways, but still the fact that he bothered to go to the effort of letting me know impressed me.

Had an amazing dressage lesson last night. Pony was a little high (not stupidly so, just add) but while that didn't necessarily show off what she *can* do it was excellent in that that is what I need help with. I have no problem riding her when she's on the same program I am -- it's when she's in XC mode and I'm in DQ mode that things don't work so well. But by the end they did, so I was pretty thrilled :) Go Superpony!

15 work days till Xmas vacation. Not that I'm counting or anything :)


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