Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So Anonymous comments have been turned off (sorry Jen) due to increasing amounts of spam *sigh* Anon comments can always be emailed though to lauren* (replace * w/ @)-- if you want me to post them for you as such, I will :) Cause mostly, I love to read them!

Saw 2012 the other night and have to admit was fairly disappointed. I didn't think a disaster movie could be boring, but that's what it came down to. Poor form.

I found this site worth a minute or two's amusement. Random little amusing snippits of anybody's everyday-average life. ie) Today, I pressed the Diet Coke button on the soda machine and out came Skittles. I'm confused but not complaining. MLIA

Today, I came down stairs to find my new step son (who is 23) having an epic lightsaber battle with my six year old daughter. I wish I was his biological mother. MLIA

Today I took a mock German exam. On the front it had written, "When the question is finished, you will hear a beep like this (*)" I'm still wondering what an asterik sounds like. MLIA

Today, I asked my dad to sign a permission form for a field trip. He signed it Donald Duck. Apparently he's been signing my permission forms for years using the names of fictional characters. Neither me nor any of my teachers have noticed. My dad just got a whole lot cooler. MLIA.

Ok that's enough of that :) hahaha but it's a good timewaster. Some are fun some are stupid and all too many I can identify with. Time to go write some flash :)


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