Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused.

So had to laugh at myself this morning (it’s so easy to do!) Was up late last night and as I was drifting off thinking “wow, only 4h till I have to get up again,” I realized there were two things I HAD to do before I left for work that I would never remember in the morning (mornings are not, shall we say, my best time of day. Unless they’re spent curled up in bed!) and one that had to be done at work the next day that I was afraid of forgetting. So like any reasonably intelligent rational adult I got up and made myself write a list. And because I’m still really a child, I wrote the list on my hand.

Fast forward 5h (you do recall the alarm was going off in 4 right?). So I finally clue in to the fact that the “once” I hit snooze was really 5 times and I was nearly an hour late so fly out of bed, see the things on my hand and the first two are easy. Get them done no problem. The last? All it said was “plug”. Wtf? What does that mean??? But I did remember that whatever that third thing was, and it made sense to me in the middle of the night, had to do with work. And therefore it was *not* important that I remember it in my flight out of the house.

Now fortunately for me, since I know that getting up and leaving the house is never an easy task, I tend to leave extra time for these items. Like an hour to drive 40 minutes, or half an hour to groom and tack up my horse – which I can easily do in under 2 if I have to :) So I was able to make up the “hour late” reasonably easily with only a minor degree of the frazzles and a few minor items (shower anybody?) getting lost in the shuffle. Personal hygiene is highly overrated anyways. Especially when one’s first stop is the barn. And there's no need to make a lunch when there's junk-food to be bought!

So I go ride my horse (more on that at Graduate Riding School) and still no idea what “plug” might refer to (adding a link to my business blog? Oh wait, not *that* type of plug. I don’t think!). And on the drive to the office, I’m staring at it thinking “what was I thinking???” I don’t confound myself often – it was not an experience I’d really care to repeat! And I’m evaluating it thinking “well it could be ‘play’. It looks like plug, but given my handwriting and the fact that it was dark AND my canvas of choice, it could be play. And play makes so much more sense! But wait. Why does play make more sense? Play doesn’t make any sense at all really. I know it had to do with work. I have a meeting this morning, was it something for that. Oh, I have to call in and get the guys to do something before I get there…” You ever heard of train-of-thought writing? Well that last paragraph is why it’s generally a waste of time *g* That and that most people I know (or @ least most people I *like*) think significantly faster than they can write. Hahaha

Anyways – I was amused by this. It reminded me about something completely unrelated that I was able to call into the office about, and I *did* eventually decode the mystery message, and even did so before I got to the office where the answer would’ve been obvious. Hahaha plug was indeed the word of the day, and the reminder was simply to bring said plug home so my notebook would have a chance of functioning this weekend. I know, rather anticlimactic eh? What can I say? MLIA.


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