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The Joys of House Sitting

So I'm house sitting this week (I know, kinda defeats the purpose of vacation eh?) and I went out this aft knowing it'd be reasonably late when I got back, so purposely left some lights on. Makes house seem lived in and makes me more comfortable coming in. All round good solution right? Except that when I got back tonight, the lights were all out. Definitely had me sitting in my car in the driveway questioning whether or not I should actually go in. Double checked the address, but really, I knew it was right. Rang the doorbell a couple times and waited a few mins. But other than the lights being out, the house seemed as it should. Thinking maybe they're on some sort of auto-shut-off or something? (ok dumb I know, but no stranger than lights randomly turning themselves off!) Come in the house, look around. Everything seems ok. But something that was on the floor when I left was sitting on the couch. Very creepy. Until I remembered noticing a cheque for the cleaning crew. And sure enough, it was gone. I'm not convinced the house is actually any cleaner, but it does explain the lights off and the moved item. Mental note though -- if you leave somebody looking after your house, tell them if who else is likely to be there! Sheesh >;-P

Off to sleep with me. Maybe.


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