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Flash Fiction 15: Please Don't Tell

So the challenge this week was to take somebody else’s first line and write a story off of it. This was by ReyOLight on the Editor’s Unleashed forum. Rey’s Blog here if anybody’s interested :)

My fairy godmother was neither a fairy nor a god. In fact, she was a rather cranky old hag. Just don't tell her I said so.

You'd think helping people out would be part of her job description -- or so I always did anyways! But every time I'd call her, all I'd get is a lecture. "Do you think wands grow on trees?!?! I'm a busy woman, what makes you think I have time for this? There are starving children in Africa!" I never understood what starving children would've had to do with my dream date for the prom, but even as a teen I knew better than to question. Wouldn't want to be turned into a pumpkin!

My fairy godmother (or FG as I secretly referred to her) appeared at the strangest times in my life, always when I felt no need for her and never when I wanted her. That dream date? Never happened. My wedding? I begged for her assistance, but she was far too busy. She had time to show up for the open-bar though! And let me tell you, a drunk FG is a scary FG. But don't tell her I said so.

But on the birth of my first child when I was exhausted and completely astonished and happier than I could imagine, she was there. And truth be told, not entirely welcome. But don't tell her I said so.

One day after hitting rock bottom in the business world and being told, yet again, that she wouldn't help me, I lost it as I never had when I was a teen. FG seemed just as ready to explode. "You think this is an easy job???" she demanded.

"Well yeah,” I rolled my eyes, behaving as childishly as I sounded, “You get to travel the world making people's dreams come true. How is that bad?"

"And how about when to make people truly happy, you have to leave their wish unfulfilled. The ONE thing they want, that you know they are better off without. What do you do then? How do you do your job without being a cranky old hag?" I blushed. I couldn't help it. Instantly utterly appalled at all the horrid things I'd ever thought of her. And I thought back over my unrealized dreams. The date I never had with the guy who ended up cheating on his wife; the wedding that brought me back together with my mother when I had nobody else to turn to; the company I started when I couldn't find anybody to hire me... None of which would've happened if FG had granted what I'd begged.

I’d like to say that I smartened up and began to behave like the adult I was, but really, I’m human. I still asked for things and got huffy when FG couldn’t bother to help me, or was snarky in her response. But as time went on, she annoyed me less and less, until one day FG didn't seemed either old or so cranky. But please don't tell her I said so.


I believe in fairy tales (but don't tell FG I told you)
Nice work :)


Hey -- I want a fairy godmother! Really!

Great story :)


Aw, this is really cute. :-) Thanks for making me smile!


Very cute. I like how the last line came full circle from the first one


Excellent job, Laur!

Very cute!


That's a great piece! And I loved the repeating "Don't tell her I said so" theme throughout.

GREAT stuff. :)


Loved the first paragraph, Hah!

Wonderful whimsy throughout. FG rocks!

Also liked 'how don't tell her I said so' was used as leitmotiv throughout.



There's a lesson to be learned careful what you wish for! Cause usually, you do much better on path B. :-) Thanks for sharing!


Thanks all ! Glad you're enjoying it :)


I love this. Wrapped up very well, touches on a sentiment I hold dear and that is sometimes difficult to express so succinctly. Great job.


Great stuff. Really liked the strong voice through this flash.


I loved it. I forgot to tweet this yesterday. Sorry. Just tweeted it now.


A very sweet tale. We spend so much time complaining about the things we didn't get/don't have and less time apprecaiting those things we do.

I really liked this. Well Done!


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