Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Weekend fun and games

"Welcome to OverReaction News. Where if it doesn't scare you, it isn't news worthy." hahaha that was the slogan of the parody broadcast that was playing @ work this morn. Did lead in to something more serious discussing the issues raised by OverReaction News, but the original broadcast was very clever. Have no idea what station it was on or where it came from, but if you hear it it's worth a listen :)

So Sienna went to her first HT on Sat. Full story is on the Graduate Riding School blog; short version is I rode horribly and she was a superstar. hahaha ended in 6th place (pink - ugh) -- more cause other people did really poorly then cause we did particularly well, but still I was very proud of her. She got a bag of apples as a prize... And it turns out she doesn't *like* apples. Only I would have a horse who doesn't like apples. Sheesh. Was an amazingly gorgeous day though, and I got to socialize for a while with friends I don't get to see anymore so that was good :)

On Sunday I ventured to hunter land. And yes I've heard the skating in Hell is good this wk :) One student who's a regular of mine and two occasionals that I picked up at the show. All three did really well. And while I had a good time while I was there (cause let's be honest, I *like* coaching @ shows!) I was definitely ready for it to be done by the end. Now some of that could've been cause I was still not feeling particularly well from Sat but really I think it was just that outside-diagonal-outside-diagonal can only be interesting for so long. Sorry hunter world, just my opinion of course, but I've yet to be proven wrong! Again, full story on GRS blog.


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