Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

5 minutes you'll never get back...

So I'm writing this entry more because I have 20 mins and a keyboard then because I actually have anything to say. Consider yourself forewarned.

Still reading? hahaha either you're braver than I or really bored :)

So my horse -- this was originally entirely a horse-related blog so let's start there. My non-vet but very intelligent friend J has managed to accurately diagnose Sienna's issue. She is clearly presenting all the signs of OSCTB. I can't believe I didn't catch it! What kind of horse-woman am I?!?!? *sigh* -- well you know how it is, when you're too close to the situation, sometimes it takes an outsider to state the obvious. What? You've never heard of OSCTB b4? That'd be Over Sensitive Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare Syndrome... Ah yes, I can see you nodding your head. "That scratch -- I might bleed to DEATH if you ride me. It HURTS!" ummm what scratch is that??? Or better yet "my tummy hurts... I'm perfectly fine and will eat everything and TPR are all perfect, but if you brush me there I'll kick you!" Yes, she got me yesterday. I was not amused. So my superstar pony who's been entirely sound all week went off as soon as my jump coach was supposed to arrive. I was not amused. Going back to see what mood she's in tonight and ascertain whether or not we'll be going to play anywhere tomorrow. Also now have her on a small mountain of supplements *sigh* in hopes of combating said tummy-ache and various other ailments. Oh well -- at least I never have to worry she's hiding anything!

I'm really looking forward to doing the Walk in the Clouds this summer -- is it a sad thing that I'm counting down days to a one-day vacation more than a month ahead of time? Before that though will be waterpark adventures (hahaha that should be a riot -- weather had better be good!) and hopefully some zip-lining (haven't *quite* figured out when that's going to fit in, but I'm sure it will :)

Also on the to-do list -- anybody w/in a reasonable drive of Brampton who has ever had even a fleeting enjoyment of Shakespeare should drop by and watch this: -- it's free! (wasn't the first time I went to see it :) and an absolute riot. Summary: Complete Works is 3 guys, 1 dead playwright, 37 plays and 154 sonnets in 90 minutes. Definitely geek-humour (as in it helps if you've @ least heard of Shakespeare @ some point :) but man did I ever laugh. Won't mention the whole being pulled up on stage thing... Fortunately for all involved they explicitly state "no recording devices" hahaha... So who's going to let me drag them along this time? I think I'm running out of friends who'll attend Shakespeare w/ me -- even funny Shakespeare! Ker you up for a repeat visit? Some warm sunny night? This one will be way more entertaining than the last one we saw :)

I'm very excited about my new travel mug -- that looks exactly like a Styrofoam coffee cup. hahaha thanx Bev :) One of our clients had one in a meeting a month or two ago and I was highly amused by it (yes I know - it doesn't take much :) but then one magically appeared the other day! woohoo!

Getting tired of having all my fun lessons getting rained out. What happened to summer? Warm and sunny can come any time now!

Ok well I'm off now :) You were warned...



I'd love to go :)
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