Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Talking to imaginary inanimate objects...

So about the subject line... Well maybe it's best if you just don't ask :)

Today's fact of the day: The first testicular guard "cup" was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important. Now really, who's surprised by this? hahaha my apologies to the intelligent male readers in the crowd - clearly the exception that makes the rule!

Last Sun night I was toasted and decided I'd be intelligent and go to sleep early. Good plan right? 9:30, in bed, 9:30:05 asleep. hahaha unheard of for me to fall asleep that fast but I did. Fast-forward a bit and I wake up feeling fairly alert, rested etc but aware it wasn't time to get up yet. I was thinking 3 or 4 am. N was a little surprised the lights were still on so I figured I'd turn the lights off and then go back and doze for the hour or so till the alarm went off. All good in theory; until I realized the lights were still on cause it was all of 9:58. Frig. Found the downside to the 20min cat-nap. I do that sometimes when I get to that point of exhaustion but still have to function through the day -- sleep for 20 mins (as per my phone alarm clock) and then good to go for the rest of the day. Well clearly my body registered that it was not normal bedtime and as I was at that point of exhaustion it must be a 20min recharge. Not so kewl as the end result was me up all night n totally exhausted all day Mon. Booo. Appropriate cat-nap on Mon got me through that day but still, really shouldn't've been necessary. Sheesh.

Got to work today to be told "we're going out for breakfast." ummm ok... It's the first down day after several intense weeks and sure enough 9:00 everybody piles into two cars and we drive to High Park for breakfast. Never actually been there before -- quite the place! Food was great and then we went for a wander around the park. Went to the zoo (seriously! who knew? I certainly didn't *g*) but it was closed due to the strike (boooo) so couldn't go in there. Clearly not everybody's striking though cause the trash bins etc were all emptied w/ fresh bags in them. Anyways -- was just a super nice way to start the morning. Also enjoyed watching the various park-goers while we were eating breakfast (outside of course :) the moms w/ babies doing aerobics were easy enough to figure, but some of the people you can't help wondering what they're doing there :) Or their stories... Like the very elderly couple moving slowly enough that one wonders how they made it that far, but consistently, holding hands the whole way. How long have they been together? For how many years have they walked the loop together? What changes have they seen? Was the lady once in the "moms and babies" group? Did the man once shortcut through the park to his high-power/high-stress office job? How did they last so long and still be holding hands? Or did they meet in a retirement condo and this is a first date? Are they starting a new chapter in their lives? Or how bout the tween-age girl with the three very BIG dogs. She didn't look particularly thrilled to be there. Are they hers? Is this a summer business? How will this effect her going forward -- will she decide she loves animals and end up a trainer; or will she decide she never wants to see them again and never so much as have a pet. Or the random guy w/ the red jacket. Looked kinda like he was on his own planet. What's the weather like there?

hahaha and that reminds me -- random conversation at breakfast this morning. The deserted island discussion -- if you were on a cruiseship that sank and a small community of people survived to end up on an uncharted and until now uninhabited island -- how would you contribute to the society? With no technology most of our team's jobs became instantly void; what other things could you do? What would you do? This has of course been discussed in every highschool classroom to ever study Lord of the Flies, but still sort of interesting.

I haven't ridden my horse in entirely too long (today's day 4! That's so wrong). Starting to really get to me! Rode a student's horse the other day for a few mins, but somehow that's just not the same at all. So do I send Cedar Run entries and figure she'll be sound (and ready) by then? Tricky... Went to look at a farm on Sun -- has absolutely everything I'm looking for and a reasonable price. Seriously lacking downpayment though. Booo on that. Was so amazing though - could picture just how everything would work. And would need *some* work, but most of that was within my abilities so not tragic.

Oops gotta run! Off to teach.


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