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Happy birthday to me!!!

Yesterday was my bday. Short (6 word!) story summaries: - Getting older; pretending to be younger. - lots of fun had by all! - Bday: animals, movie, trampoline, games, dinner! N really, that last one covers just about all of it... But if you want a *little* more detail... Still reading? Don't you know better by now? hahaha ok then -- long version...: So last year was a fairly depressing bday so this year instead of lamenting getting older, I figured I'd celebrate being young :) Very young. hahaha arguably significantly younger than the calendar dates would suggest... Booked the day off work with my main goal for the day being to sleep in :) There had also been discussion of visiting a water park for the day *g* Anyways -- did end up setting the alarm just-in-case cause didn't really want to sleep *all* day, but for a much more civilized 9 instead of 5:30. Was very very nice. N then when I wandered bleary-eyed into the washroom I found a bday card waiting for me. Yeah! hahaha Thanks Mum :) Great start to the day. Puttered around for a while and made a dozen or so phone calls and chatted on FB for a bit (thanks for all the bday wishes!!!). Eventually travel downstairs and find . . . birthday cake!!! hahaha single-sized Deep N Delicious (my fav :) with a bday candle! Awwwww totally made my morning. And yes, I definitely had cake for breakfast. There was also a funky "the year you were born" dvd that I haven't watched yet but looks pretty entertaining :) Look at the mail and . . . another bday card! hahaha woohoo. Thanks Barb :) That one will be shared w/ Sienna *g* So in the dozen or so phone calls were several trying to decide what to do w/ today. Nicole and Steph both had the day off to come play (boooo P for not joining us!) but the waterpark was unanimously vetoed for being too cold (booo should *not* be an issue mid-July)! So no waterpark; no Canada's Wonderland due to the fact that neither S nor I have any particular love for rollercoasters; what's left? Various ideas were thrown out -- there's the science centre (shot down on the basis of everybody I know who's been in the last few years has been very disappointed), playing tourist in TO (could make for some entertaining pics, but too close to work for both S and I! :), the tree-top walk in Collingwood (this looked really good and we tried to get in but they were fully booked. Turned out being one of those "thank Howard for unanswered prayers" moments as we since heard it's not particularly good, I'm going to the better one in Halliburton in Aug, AND we had WAY more fun w/ what we did end up w/). Let's see, what other options were there? Fighting zillions of kids to see Harry Potter (vetoed cause I don't like kids >;-P), going to play tourist in Niagara (this one almost won - we could've had some fun in a haunted house but most of the fun stuff there is indoors and it was a decent day), the zoo (nope, I was really disappointed in it the last time I was there), go karts, the ROM (too grown-up), paintball (N really like that idea, but S and I wimped out :), then S hit on the African Lion Safari. hahaha perfect! I, however, was still stuck on the Harry Potter idea -- particularly excited when I realized it's playing in the VIP theatre (no kids!). So I booked us tickets, but the system crashed while it was booking. Booo. We went anyways but by the time we got there it was sold out. Really? Does *nobody* work??? Ah well, not tragic, off to the Af-ri-can-Li-on-Sa-far-ie! (Can you hear the commercial now? hahaha you're welcome :) We got there just in time to watch the elephants go swimming -- the dog-paddling (elephant-paddling?) baby was by far the most entertaining. Pile into the vehicle to head out on safari... Past the rather ominous "trespassers will be eaten!" warning and away we go. We obeyed the "doors closed and locked" rule the whole way around, and the "windows closed" rule *most* of the way *g* hahaha prob would've been better if S had warned me that particular window sometimes gets stuck open BEFORE I opened it, but what can ya do eh? The first time I've ever applied the statement "I hate windows!" to an actual window *g* So ostriches (and any giant bird really) generally terrify me, but safe behind the glass it was very kewl to see super up-close (as she was trying to join us IN the vehicle). hahaha pecking @ the glass - presumably picking some form of food off of it. And then was highly entertained by me poking at the window back at her (and it's only a *her* due to the eyelashes -- no male could have a face like that! hahaha) so she followed my finger around the screen for a while but when I stopped playing to take some pics, she got bored and left. I did get some phenomenal pictures though. Wow. Drove by the lions lounging on their rocks (windows up there too!). Loved that the male lion was hanging out w/ his paws over the edge just the way Red does -- although poor Red is *maybe* the size of one of the paws! hahaha There was a safari employee hanging out by the lions in a truck -- have to figure his job is entirely to make sure nobody's enough of an idiot to try and pat the cats! There was another one at the cheetahs -- but this one wasn't even pretending to be paying attention to what the tourists were doing. Ah well, guess it's not the most mentally challenging job... On through various animals -- some of which we could identify, some of which we couldn't; some of which would come play with the cars, some of which couldn't be bothered :) Possibly the most entertaining part was the running "did you know" commentary from S. hahaha this was brilliant not only cause she came up w/ the *most* obscure facts you could imagine (and knowing my love of trivia you can imagine what this includes :) BUT that of the three of us she's the one who's never technically *seen* any of these animals in person before. I don't know how you get through public school with never going to a zoo, but somehow she pulled it off. We did what we could to remedy that today *g* The drive through the monkey zone was highly entertaining :) What I wouldn't give for a fraction of their energy!!! Watched one tear a strip off the top of a van (oops) and a whole bunch hitching rides in pickup trucks. At the end of monkey world there was another staff member w/ a very long stick whose job was clearly to make sure there were no monkey escapees! hahaha Really interesting to watch some of the family groups though -- can see how Jane Goodall et al could spend so many years watching them. Continued the safari past the man-eating trees! Very very scary items barely contained by a serious fence! The "safarius janitorius" was also behind a pretty serious fence -- they were hard to get good pics of as they had a tendency to be slouching behind their brooms. hahaha last thing on the drive was to be stopped by the herd of bison crossing the road (some of you will remember the traffic-jam causing cows in VT??? Well this was the way more impressive version!) We briefly considered both elephant rides and pony rides, but there was a height limit for pony rides (boo) and the elephant rides didn't seem worth the price of admission. That and I have visions of said elephants going on strike and I just don't want to be on the day that happens! And I rode one as a child so no need again. Feel much the same about riding camels (albeit I was an adult when I tried that). Anyways -- after a very healthy lunch (read french fries and sno cones) and a slight detour through the gift shop (yeah blue bubble frog!!! I mean really, what's a bday w/o a blue bubble frog???) we headed back and decided to try the theatre again. Harry Potter had already started its second playing of the day in the VIP lounge so we (sticking w/ the kid motif) went for Ice Age 3 -- in 3D! hahaha woohoo :) So as far as the movie goes -- it was ok, a few good one-liners "Pick up Syd now and *then* Roger!" hahaha but really nowhere near as good as the first one. That being said, I haven't seen a 3D movie since I was 8 yrs old @ Disney World -- complete w/ red and blue glasses... That experience, what I recall of it anyways, was more about things popping out at you. This one was more like watching a stage performance than a movie. There's depth to it (kinda had the same feel as those 3D pictures from the early 90s that when you stared at them the right way an image would pop out -- remember those? Now picture a whole movie like that :) but very much a front-of-the-stage/back-of-the-stage idea instead of things flying at you. There were some things that were definitely "in front of the stage" such as the snowflakes and some of the credits, and the very occasional movement of a character, but for the most part it was like watching a stage play w/ really great scenery! hahaha Don't know enough about the technology to know if it can be applied to real people? I've only see it for cartoons... Would make for a way better overall experience though :) So after the 3D fun and games we were all ready to go play again -- and where better to go play than . . . Pladium!!! hahaha yeah haven't been there in many many years either and haven't had so much fun in a very long time. First thing was the go karts :) Highly amused that you need a driver's license for them *g* But then we couldn't use the fast ones cause the track was wet (we got there just as it stopped drizzling)... booo but still took a lap in the slower ones hahaha. We admired the mini-put course but really, it was quite boring and there were no water obstacles or castles, so why bother? But then we found . . . the trampoline! hahaha now I haven't been on any sort of trampoline since I was a child, and I've never been on one w/ a harness before! I will say getting on a scale after having chocolate cake for breakfast and french fries for lunch, was not much fun but such is life *g* Anyways - S was less interested in playing this game so she got nominated to be camera person while N and I played. I got hooked up first and was off bouncing while N was still getting set up. OMG I have not laughed so hard or so long in . . . well possibly ever. N those of you who've seen me after day two of a horse show will know that's saying something *g* Seriously, would've been very embarrassing except that I was having too much fun to care. The sideline comment was something about "it's like she's being tickled to death." hahaha but really the up-up-up part is a blast, and then there's that moment's hesitation of "oops this was a *really* bad idea" and then you're down so fast you laugh cause you survived and then you're going back up again. Rinse and repeat. N was braver than I -- she caught up in seconds n while I was still getting used to the whole up-down idea, she'd moved on to flips! hahaha I had to try it -- mostly cause she'd done it ("if your friends jumped off a bridge . . . " <-- and there we have how bungee jumping was invented! :) And I did it :) And I survived -- laughing the whole way *g* But I suspect it wasn't nearly as graceful as hers were. hahaha if you ever decide eventing's getting boring N I think we found your next sport! And really, the warning signs for this one were significantly more intense than anything we sign to gallop across a field @ solid obstacles! Inside was just as entertaining -- I learned that while I fly and evade well, I can't shoot to save my life (or anybody else's!), race cars w/ less than 5 gears are a waste of time, I have not the *slightest* idea how to waterski, but ironically was ok w/ a surfboard (nowhere near as good as S though!). I STILL love air-hockey. I've never understood why, but I can play that game endlessly :) Except it becomes a full contact sport when S joins in and that's a whole lot less good *g* It's great though cause playing w/ N I could take a break and she'd just play all on her own until eventually she'd score on herself. Really makes my job easier :) The one series of race cars I think had to have been rigged -- N took the first one (Red), I took the 2nd one (blue) and S took the 3rd one (cause pink was way too far away to be sociable :)... And w/o fail we'd end 1, 2, 3... N always says that's why she picked red as her colour - I'm starting to think there's something to it! hahaha cause I certainly end up w/ more than my fair share of 2nds! Played some DDR, and watched some kids play who clearly have waaayyy too much time -- was very impressive to watch though. And I guess if you're going to dedicate that much time to learning to play a video game, just as well it be one that requires significant coordination and reasonable physical ability. Played some Japanese guitar hero -- and failed miserably *g* Evidently you have to strum the guitar not just push the buttons. Oops *g* Pinball gets boring very rapidly (sorry Dad). And truck racing has to be the most boring game ever invented. After a few hours of play we had exhausted the video game supply and it was dark so the outside things were shut down for the night (although go karts in the dark might actually've been more fun -- methinks the lack of speed wouldn't've been such an issue! :) so we left to go find food @ Jack Asstor's. Very yummy. Way too much of it. Entertaining artwork on the table and the walls. And three very hungry (ummmm did you notice the menu of the day? And the others didn't even have the cake to start!) and very tired customers. So things ranged from very quiet to very silly throughout. hahaha and that was about it. Just a typical day really :) I'm sure there's lots more than I've missed -- I'll probably remember it when I have time to go through the pics! hahaha those'll be on FB prob this wknd... Some amazing most incredibly silly :) N or S feel free to add stories I've missed (or status lines I've forgotten) and thanks again for an amazing bday!


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