Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

“Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything.” - John Kenneth Galbraith

So your geeky fact of the day:

At 56 seconds past 12:34 today (July 8, 2009) the date will read: 12:34:56 7-8-9

Just thought I'd share :) And no, I didn't come up w/ this on my own, Jason posted it on his FB and as is the way of such things I promptly confirmed and copied :) And yes I realize some countries have to wait till Aug 7 for this to hold true -- but those of you there just have that much more to look forward to now! Aren't you lucky >;-P

So project meetings at this office are sort of entertaining. They take a little longer than they would otherwise, but they're far less brutally boring then they tend to be in more traditional offices... Only place I've worked where I can be pretty well guaranteed to be laughing @ least once throughout (n the guys, whose sense of humour is slightly different than mine, far more :) In today's meeting we were discussing a certain project and one person states "I have three points to make. One. . . . " and as he starts the first point the person sitting next to him, with lots of drama and fanfare raises one finger (no not *that* one -- be civilized here people!) making a big deal of being on point one... When the speaker moved to point two, a second drama was presented but far less exciting because it appeared that our editorial dramatist was writing notes at the same time he was providing the count. Why became evident when the speaker got to point three, and a nicely illustrated 3 was presented to the group flashcard style :) hahaha and what I liked was it wasn't mocking or behind the speakers back/over his head/whatever. It was all upfront and our speaker took it w/ good humour AND got his points (all three of them) across before turning the discussion to a critique of the 3 flashcard *g*. And this is why our meetings go on forever. A bit of an ADD factor going on, but I have to admit on days when I'm not frantically busy it's fairly entertaining. But the really brilliant part was when several hours later, said speaker was helping another member of our office sort through a problem and said something about "ok two questions for you:" then he stops and looks around... Asks the guy from the first meeting (who by this point is under headphones and totally in his own world on another project) "Hey -- we need some flash cards!" hahaha so sure enough, he clues in really fast and pauses from what he's doing to hold up his notepad (which from that distance I'm pretty sure he was just holding up blank paper, but still :) so the original speaker could continue.

So I found the perfect farm for a home base for Graduate Riding School. A little farther away than I wanted but still in a reasonable area. Has everything I wanted (right size, indoor ring, tack room, etc etc) in the right pricerange. Only issue being, of course, that I'm significantly short of the req'd downpayment! Boooo on that. Any suggestions as to where to find 100K or so? hahaha

Had a blast riding my pony yesterday. She was a *little* high after two days off and a cool breezy evening (speaking of -- what happened to SUMMER?!?!?! Seriously people, it's almost mid-july and the temp's still sometimes in the teens. I think we need to have a chat w/ Mother Nature and the Global Warming people -- somebody's not holding up their end!). But yes, superpony likes the weather and had a very good time running around the ring :)

So this week I'm functioning in that "slightly-beyond-exhausted" phase where you grab a 20min cat-nap in the car @ lunchtime to make it through the rest of the day. Thinking I might spend all day Saturday asleep. Was thinking of going XC but weathernetwork informs me it'll be thunderstorming. Sheesh.

Had to laugh today I had a v-mail from the woman who sold me my rabbit. Talk about a follow-up call! hahaha was what 2 years ago I bought it? "Haven't spoken to you in a while; just wanted to make sure you're still enjoying your car." hahaha well credit to her for making an effort. Anybody looking to buy a VW in Brampton, she's your person :) And that's probably precisely *why* she makes such calls, but still, I was impressed.

Off for now!


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