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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

You make my knees feel weak… Just kidding – yesterday was leg day.

My legs are so tight right now, I swear I’m shorter than I was yesterday!   It’s all that jumping – clearly.   Every time you land, your body gets compressed.   Sound logic, right?  Tony did say not to do this barefoot on cement;  I suspect he was being slightly facetious, but I was indeed barefoot on almost-cement (read carpeted basement floor).   If I had a masseuse, I have reasonable confidence they could get me back to my original height, but alas, I do not.

Anyways – today was The Challenge.  This is all arms – alternating push-up and pull-up exercise for 30 mins.  It’s essentially impossible, but actually one of my favourites J   At least partially because if you fill out the handy-dandy chart, you can see what progress you’re making (or not, I suppose) over time.   So while I still have sadly low numbers (6 pull ups and 10 push ups) they’re significantly higher than they were when I started a little over two months ago.  Win!

The day starts with wide pull-ups.   Just no.  I can’t do these – like at all.  Esp as my bar options are quite narrow or very wide; there’s no inbetween.   Fortunately I invested in a pull-up assist band, and with that I can achieve my 6 J   Then for the rest of the time allowed I use the resistance band and do the “modified” exercise.   So my goal is 6 with assist and 20 modified for each exercise.   All good.   Then 10 normal pushups.   Then repeat both of those – on the second try I was really pushing to get to 20 of the modified.

Then it was chin ups (my favourite as I can actually do them) followed by military pushups (yet another reason I wouldn’t have done well in the military).  The chin-ups I got to THREE without an assist, four more with, and the 20 modified (these are pulling down on a band rather than pulling bodyweight up against gravity, so significantly easier – but at least I use the strongest band!).   And yes, that three deserves its capital letters.  I couldn’t even do one when I started and that’s the first time I’ve ever done three.  So win for me J    The military pushups…  Ugh.   I’m claiming I did all ten, but the tenth one I moved maybe an inch?  Lol it definitely wasn’t an all the way down, all the way up kind of thing.  (TBH – even my good pushups only go half way.   Tony’s okay with that though, so so am I).   I refrained from falling on my face, so we’re calling that a win.   2nd time through I only got to 2.5 on the no-assist.  Couldn’t make the three *sigh*.  Ah well.

Let’s see, I believe this was followed by close pull ups (thumbs touching).  Ummm yeah.   So the assist was brought back into play and even with that barely got to my 6.   The pushups were wide though, which is the easiest for me, so that was a nice balance and I got through all.  Second round almost exactly the same.

Done right?  Not so much…   We have vaulter pull-ups – as in one hand forward and the other backward.  Did okay with these – two with no assist and then admittedly struggled for the four with the assist.  Pushups were a weird one hand military and one hand up and out combo.  Nearly landed face first fighting for the last one but made it.  2nd round is same concept with hand positions switched for each.  Only made one unassisted this way.  Boo.   The rest was all okay though.

Then of course “oh, we got through that too quickly – burnout round!”  I’m pretty sure my neighbours could hear my eyes roll.   This is one pull-up (player’s choice as to style) followed by three push-ups.  Rinse and repeat.  I got to 6 before my arms gave out completely.  That’s a tie for my record – other scores ranging as low as 3.  So overall pretty happy with today’s workout.

However now I’ve done legs and arms – means tomorrow I should be pretty seriously sore.  And it’s an hour workout that I’ve never done before.  Yikes!


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