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The laws of physics are merely a suggestion

Today was supposed to be The Challenge - which is 30 mins and one of my favourite routines.   However, tomorrow my timing is going to be very tight, and it is scheduled to have Plyocide -- which is an hour long and just sounds nasty.

Being a dedicated individual, I decided to tackle the nasty one today.  Plyocide.  And tbh, it wasn't that bad.  It *is* an hour, but it's an hour that includes about 12 mins each of warmup and cool down. And then the exercises themselves have more of a break between them than in the 30 minute routines.

So exercise-wise and effort-wise I don't actually think it's any more challenging (or useful) than the 30 minute ones.  That being said, I found the cool down super useful.   It's the one thing that's often lacking in P90X3 (there's an extra warmup vid for X3 but no extra cool down).

It was plyo - which means a lot of jumping and leaping around which I don't really enjoy, but like I said, less brutal than the X3 version.   There was one exercise that required a bench which I don't have so I made something up for that, but otherwise good to go.  And I survived the plyo pushups!  Woohoo!   Always nice to have quantitative results -- a few weeks ago I couldn't do that; now I can.  I also liked that it kept going and had lots of variety.  No multiple sets of the same exercises which was good.  

And, several hours later, my whole body is tired, so I feel it did what it was supposed to ;)


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