Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So while one comment on my blog upset me, another one I received amused me.  Somebody commented on my use of the word "sobeit" saying it doesn't mean what I think it does.  Made me laugh since while clearly it's a reasonably-literate person to recognize that it was used incorrectly, it equally clearly was somebody who doesn't know me since I intentionally use it incorrectly all the time.  I'm fascinated by how language changes over time - after all, if it never changed wé scolde ástendeaþ besprican gelíc þéos.  hahaha my sincere apologies to all who can *actually* speak Old English -- it's been a long time since I've looked at it and I'm quite certain I butchered it, but the idea is sound.  So with the current language trends of condensing words it amuses me to replace the original meaning of sobeit with the literal "so be it".  hahaha yeah, such a rebel, I know.

After a week or so of lots of stress trying to keep the barn and ponies from freezing and *really* horrible temper tantrums from my pony, I was really happy to have a really good ride this am.  No temper tantrums and reasonable success.  Yeah, we're not setting the bar very high yet :)   But she got there!  Woohoo.

And of course the super puppy - well the bar is set high there!  She was awesome at agility class the other day.  Woohoo!  In private lessons for a couple weeks until hopefully a daytime class at the right level and it's awesome.

Theory today went well.  Not a huge number of people, but reasonable turnout and the ones who were there asked really intelligent questions.  Makes for a fun afternoon.  Puppies help too :)


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