Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake. - Frank Wikzek

There's a "Merlin" marathon on TV -- the entire series from the first episode up till now being played in order leading up to the first episode of the new season.  On and off I've seen commercials that made me think I'd enjoy the series but I figured I'd missed too much of it.  This?  Perfect chance to get caught up!  hahaha so thanks to the marvel that is PVR I've recorded the entire first four years *g*   And am now totally addicted.  Partially I really like the one-liners they slide in and partially I've been addicted to Arthurian legends for years now and this is a light way of feeding that addiction.  Part of the fun is watching how they weave the stories.  They don't stick terribly closely to the "original" sources *g*  But of course since the originals differ with each other, I'd say that's fair :)   It does make me miss my days in grad school though.  I had so much fun in my medieval studies courses.  Amazing to find yourself in a whole room of intelligent people equally fascinated with the mundane geeky details of things long past willing to discuss things that make most people's eyes roll at best and glaze over at worst *g*  And yes, at some point I even took a course specifically in Arthurian Legends.  hahaha yes, I'm a geek :)   But it did at least lead me to believe I'm not the only one *g*

So Lexi had her first lesson the other day :)  hahaha go pony!  She was so good!  Her ground work is coming really well, but I've been having trouble getting her to understand mounted aids.  So with my coach on the ground things got sped up significantly since I could give the mounted aid and he could follow up with the one she understood from the ground.  Worked remarkably well.  Had the occasional dramatic moment but given that it was cold and windy and all sorts of noisy out, I was really proud of her.  Line of the day "Would you *please* shorten your reins -- you're scaring me."  hahaha oh dear...  Some habits...

Last year's resolution at Mum's recommendation was "No major life changes."  hahaha I actually managed to pull it off!  Continuing on the trend of setting the bar high, Em sent me this -- I think I'm all set :)


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