Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

2013 - Best. Year. Yet!

So my day off was wonderful :)  Relaxing and easy and I even got some stuff done!  Woohoo.

Was pretty entertained by Sasha.  She's pretty spun these days since we haven't been spending *as* much time running around the barn so I was trying to entertain her.  Layout is important for this story so stick with me here.  Our stairs at home go up the center of the house and then split to either side.  If you stand on the landing and turn back towards the entrance, there's a floating balcony that attaches to the master bedroom.   So I was standing on one side and throwing a frisbee downstairs so Sash would have to run all the way down, get it, and run all the way back -- a feeble effort to tire her out.  But then just for amusement sake, I threw it onto the balcony.  Sash runs down to the landing and looks across.  Looks at me.  Leans across.  No such luck.  Looks at me.  Looks at frisbee.  Then totally perks up, runs into the master bedroom and pauses to turn and look over her shoulder like she does when we're playing and she's winning ('nah nah look what I've got').  Then sure enough she appears seconds later on the balcony, finds her frisbee and brings it back at top speed.  *Very* smart puppy :)   Hahaha so that was my entertainment of the day :)

Had some fun with my FB the other day -- posted "Tonight's challenge: describe 2012 in one word."   I was amazed at some of the answers and how many lead to a story.  Some, I know -- and they were bang on in their word of choice.  Some I don't know, but am now curious about :)  And some make me inclined to write my own story *g*  Some very positive and some the opposite.  And the one that ended the thread was absolutely perfect to do so :)  So I thought I'd share:

And as Theresa said, it's over.  Time to move on :)   So much to look forward to!   It's hard to beat some of the stuff I've done in previous years, but even being "tied down" by the farm, I can't help but think there're still tons of adventures just waiting for me to find them!  They just need a little more strategizing sometimes *g*

So New Year's Eve was fun.  I had no actual plans beyond inviting some people over. In the end Emily and Rebecca joined me for an exceptionally exciting evening of pancakes and movies *g*  hahaha ok so I may not win party-planner of the year, but I had fun at least :)  Good company and some laughs -- pretty decent way to usher in a new year.

Today was slight chaos -- feed, turn-out (which took much longer than normal as we were changing *two* sets of turn-out buddies and had to supervise etc), waters, deliver Apollo to new home, get back in time for two new horses to move in, get them settled, feed, bring in...  Wait, what about stalls???  Let's just say I have *awesome* friends.  I'd probably still be mucking if not for Rebecca and Steph who came and did ALL the stalls for me -- and in record time!   I actually made it home by supper time!  hahaha 9-6, totally normal work day.  So long as you ignore the whole stat holiday idea *g*

And as for entertaining chaos - PUPPIES!!!   Stephy brought Brie to play with Sasha.  And at first Sash was terrified of her! hahaha I couldn't believe it!  But then she decided this was about the best toy ever and the game was on.  Sooooo cute.

Off for now.  Here's to an amazing 2013 with at least one interesting chapter :)


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