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January schooling show fun

Best. Show. Yet!  hahaha Sunday's show was soooooo much fun!
Judge, scribe and ring crew
Part of the entertainment value was the extreme mix-up of horses and riders.   For instance, Charlie is our sports-car model horse.  Super sensitive and can stop, go and turn on a time.  His two pbrs were both riding - one rode Jack and the other Nick!  hahaha from sports car to school bus!   Jack's usual rider was on Lissy, doing the opposite extreme.  Dixie's usual rider rode Nick - again going from super-sensitive to super-lazy.
Alison on Nick
Dressage was a little bit of brilliance or disaster *g*  Several riders were on their first time ever - and at least one hadn't even read the test.  Hahaha yeah for deciding to participate at the last second :)   Huge credit for trying!   But I was super proud that several of the girls were getting moments where their horses were on the bit -- that's still a new skill set on the horses they know, so getting it on ones they don't is awesome!
Eve riding in the novice division
Eq was...  Interpretive.  hahaha definitely not the most solid ride these riders are capable of, but every one of them made their way around the course on an unfamiliar horse and ALL got better as they went - by the end of the courses it was all good.

But what really impressed me was when they came back for the mystery class - there was significant improvement in everybody!  All of a sudden, after just one round, the girls had figured out how to ride their horses.  And in that class we saw some excellent and effective riding.  That, and it was Gambler's Choice - so it was a ton of fun too!  Woohoo!

Rowan jumping Lissy
So yes, that was a riot.  The girls wracked up points jumping fences as quickly as they could and trying to find the highest point route.  I have to say I was *very* impressed that Nick jumped the highest fence of the day!  hahaha very impressive :)

Kirby and Nick clear the Joker
Our champions this week were Rowan and Olivia.  Which sounds awfully familiar :)   Congrats ladies!

Next show is February 10!  Come join us :)


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