Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

So what did you do on your day off? I need better ideas :)

Had an entertaining visit to the set of Desperate Housewives today.

Or maybe it just seemed that way.  hahaha what I *really* did was attend pilates class.  At noon.  In Oakville.  OMG.

So way back when, once upon a time, I had a *normal* job.  Which meant I went to the office all day, made reasonable amounts of money, and had my evenings off.  And in that time I started attending this gym - Total Balance - in Oakville.  I went for the spinning classes because I enjoyed them and they're a super way to be fit for riding.  And this particular place you pay for sets of lessons so I just bought x number of spinning classes and away I went.  And the evening classes had a good variety of people - mostly young professionals with a few random extras thrown in for entertainment sake.  The gym was very small at the time and the husband taught spinning and the wife taught yoga and pilates.  And that was all they did.  They had a couple other instructors in each field - I tried most of the spinning ones.

Then one day a friend recommended the pilates class to me, so I did that too.  And the one coach was absolutely fabulous.  Always seemed to find that exact balance where you feel like you're working, but capable of doing it - so not *too* hard.  And then a few hours later your abs start screaming at you.  And then next day sitting seems like entirely too much effort.  And the day after that?  Well that's a good day to stay in bed.  hahaha   So I did these for quite a while - again in the evenings.  These classes were definitely more women then men and the age range was wider than the spinning classes, but again still very much the same type - professional, driven, trying to stay fit while sitting at a desk all day, etc.

And then I started the school.  hahaha and all of a sudden my time was non-existent and I was getting a ton of exercise at work.  So both spinning and pilates got put on hold.  The gym was doing well though - they expanded and moved to a new location and all sorts of other exciting things.  I'm on their mailing list so I heard all of this *g*

But today Stephy was doing the barn for me.  And there was a class at noon.  Sweet - get to sleep in and putz around for the am and then get some exercise.  Perfect.  So I went.  But what a different vibe. I should've known when I pulled into the parking lot and the cheapest vehicle cost more than everything I own put together.  Hahaha but I'm just not that observant.  So I walk in and it was clear right away that they all know each other. Exceptionally fit women, all about 10 yrs older than I, all wearing lulu lemon (seriously!), all with their own yoga mats, and - judging from the conversation - all who work out there several times a week.  I thought I was fit but I got totally and completely shown up.

hahaha on the plus side, the trainer is as good as I remember.  On the down side, the trainer is as good as I remember.  Doing the barn tomorrow just might kill me.


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