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Sasha's surgery

My poor puppy went in to be spayed today :(

She went into the vet all happy and bouncy and trusting and I left her there with people who hurt her.   I don't think I've ever felt so horrible :(   And I'm not the one they carved open with a knife.   But how can I explain it to her?   And now she's sad and hurting and drugged.   Boooo :(   And worse -- totally forgiving.

I also realized how exceptionally attached I am to her already.   So sad to leave her there and the barn was way too quiet and not nearly as much fun without her.  And yes I stressed about her all day :(  And it did occur to me that other than being asleep I don't think we've spent more than two hours apart since she came home with me.

She's trying to be happy she's home, but it hurts too much to wiggle and run around.  Poor girl.  I def drove home as though I were driving the horse trailer -- super slow on every turn and crawling over the tracks so she wouldn't lose her balance since she was clearly too sore to lie down.   Was kinda glad there was nobody behind me; people understand with the horse trailer -- they get super annoyed, but they do understand.  But how do I tell them about the sore tranqed puppy in the back seat?  :)

And now she has to be home for four days -- I'll be abandoning her yet again.  Admittedly at home with people she adores, but still...  And then she's not allowed to run for two WEEKS.   Ummmmm it's rare for her to last two awake MINUTES without running.  I'm not even convinced she knows how to walk.  Not sure exactly how we're going to do that, but I guess we shall see...

So sad :(   Never done that to an animal before -- Sherlock came from the shelter, so he was done when I got him and Bilbo's a single-species indoor-only pet so he's not done (at vet's recommendation -- apparently anesthesia can kill bunnies).  And the horses were either already done or mares.

The only plus side of the day -- the receptionist at the vet clinic, Meagan, was *amazing*.  I wish I had an excellent paying job to offer her  (hmmmm maybe should've just left that statement at 'wish I had an excellent paying job'?  -- on a different note >;-p)   Anyways - I watched her dealing with three different people about three different topics at the same time (two live and one on the phone) and still be able to pay enough attention to what the vet and tech were doing off on the side to fill in the information they didn't have.  Took multitasking and general awareness and competency to a whole new level.  And did it all while being pleasant and not seeming stressed.  Well I was impressed anyways. :)


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