Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Can it stay this way all year?

I love summer.  It's really just. that. simple.

Sasha and Athena enjoying summer :)

Went for a hack this am and my horse was fairly high.  She wanted to gallop.  I wanted to trot.  We settled for a trot with so much extension I could see flashes of the blue from her boots out in front of us -- very much like when we're galloping.  Then we went back and jumped some stadium fences; best jump school I've had in *ages*.  About time too >;-P  hahaha then back to the field for some more reasonable trot sets.  All in all just a great start to the morning.

Sasha learned to swim today.  Super cute - she was soooo proud of herself.   Then kept going back in to try out her new skill -- swimming a few feet away from the edge.   I have never seen her so tired as she was tonight after that on top of her usual farm-dog day :)   By about mid-afternoon she had crashed in the middle of the barn aisle-way; the one location where she can see just about everything without ever having to move.  hahaha

Evening lessons were entertaining -- if for no other reason than I got to move around.  Started indoors with a first-timer.  Then moved to the sand ring for the grasshopper group, then to the field for the entry group, then back indoors for my adult class since it still gets dark just a *little* too early.  Fun fun fun.  Can't wait till we build some xc though!   June 3 -- mark the date!  XC jump building, spring cleanup, and potluck BBQ!  hahaha official announcement will be on GRS page and FB soonish -- prob Wednesday :)


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