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Caledon Clinic Ride Times

Victoria Day will be spent enjoying the awesome weather while four GRS riders practice all three phases of eventing at the Caledon clinic.

Auditing is free, so come on out -- enjoy the weather on a gorgeous country property watching horses participate in lots of lessons with a variety of coaches!   Should be an entertaining day :)  


We will be loading at 6:30am -- you should be at the barn by 6.  Bring your horse in and feed them (find the bucket with their name in the feed room).  Then groom and fly spray your horse.  Put hay in the hay nets.  Fill the water jugs (by the wash stall).  Pack your cars with all your gear.  Chelsea and Rowan also bring wraps, poultice and news paper (I have lots of poultice if you don't -- just make sure it gets packed!) as you'll have time to wrap while you're there.

I'll be there to help with loading, but busy coaching at the clinic all day.  Steph and Nicole are going to come help -- they're in charge :)   If you have any questions you can ask them; they've both ridden and traveled with me for years and been to Caledon multiple times, so they know what they're doing :)

I strongly recommend a change of shoes, a hat of some sort, sun screen, bug spray, and a lawn chair!  It's going to be a long day and there's not a ton of shade...


From Hwy #401: North on Mississauga Rd to Olde Base Line (flashing light), turn right.  Take next left, one km north on the right to Caledon Riding Club, 15747 Creditview Rd. From Hwy#10: Turn West at lights on to #12 Peel Rd. (Olde Base Line).  Go to 2nd stop sign, turn north.  Club is one kilometre north 15747 Creditview Rd.  

Ride Times:

8:00 - Rowan - DR - Ring 1

8:30 - Emily - XC - Jennifer Irwin

9:00 - Chelsea - DR - Ring 1

10:15 - Rowan - XC - Jennifer Irwin
10:15 - Chelsea - XC - Jennifer Irwin
10:15 - Margaret - XC - Jen Thompson

1 - Rowan - Stad - Jen Thompson
1 - Chelsea - Stad - Jen Thompson

1:30 - Emily - DR - Ring 2

3:15 - Margaret - Stad - Lauren Cude
3:15 - Emily - Stad - Lauren Cude


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