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Caledon Clinic

SO much fun at the Caledon Clinic this weekend.   Weather was *amazing* which is a huge start :)   Having taught that clinic in a snow-suit before, I can tell you that definitely makes a HUGE difference in the day *g*

Both Rowan and I had to be in dressage at 8am.  One riding, one coaching. I'll let you figure out which was which :)   So we aimed for a 6:30 load.   The girls showed up on time and got their horses fed and ready and got themselves packed.  I was really quite impressed by how organized they were.  Clearly everybody read the blog *g*   Steph and Nicole also came to help with organizing and to be on standby in-case somebody didn't want to load well and experienced hands were needed.  Everybody loaded beautifully though and shortly we were off!

I spent the morning coaching entry and pre-entry level dressage.   The first pony I taught I *loved*.  hahaha such a cute little guy.  When his rider cantered him straight at the edge with no intention of turning he gamely jumped out.  And when she panicked and pulled him back around he just as kindly jumped back in.   Coolest. Pony. Ever.  *g*   So needless to say, we worked a little on steering :)  The second round was far more successful!

Everybody else stayed in the ring.  All lessons but one focused on accuracy and rhythm.  My last student was a little more advanced and we could work on finesse :)   But for a novice clinic and the first outting of the year for most (first outting EVER for some) that was to be expected.  Lots of nerves to chill out and lots of basics to work on.  I saw a few seconds of both Chelsea's and Rowan's lessons as they were in the ring next to where I was teaching; I couldn't really watch since I was teaching hahaha but what I saw looked reasonable.  I would say they fit in very much where the girls I was coaching did -- horses a little high, some anxiety over riding a test, and managing it and getting better by the second try.  Wasn't as brilliant as they are at home of course - it never is!  But I was happy with what I saw...

Quick stop in to see how all was going at lunch time.  Steph and Nicole had everything totally under control.  No surprise but still nice to see :)  All the girls had finished xc and were pretty excited about it :)  Jack was wearing his big-boy pants.  Louis and Lissy felt the need to jump most things a few times but got over it all in the end :)   And Bella wasn't too sure about starting out on xc, but by the end she didn't want to stop!  hahaha classic.  Show season's going to be So. Much. Fun!

The afternoon I was teaching show jumping.  I got thoroughly spoiled with the nice small groups I love to teach and Brena helping me as ring crew.  I started with a training group that was SO MUCH FUN.  They had a good grasp of the basics so we could work on the fun stuff.  We focused on quality of the canter (creating the right balance of speed, balance and impulsion) and on rider's responsibility vs horse's responsibility.  They made a really serious effort and were so much fun to teach.  And the before/after divide was pretty kewl to see.  While all this was going on Rowan and Chelsea were in stadium, but I think I saw all of about one fence each.  Booo.  Fortunately lots of GRS supporters were watching so we got tons of pics anyways :)

The next group was PT and then E/PE split.  Both were fun -- I had Emily and Margaret in my last group so I *did* actually get to see a couple of my girls ride at least one phase :)  I was super impressed by how well Margaret was riding Louis -- not a single stop and he was totally eager to jump everything.  Apparently the run through the water after xc upped his confidence!  Woohoo!  Margaret had a huge grin on her face all day; super nice to see!   Bella was speedy, but Emily was doing a super job keeping her organized.

Afterwards we got everybody home and taken care of.  Everybody was thoroughly sunburnt, exhausted, and happy -- and that's exactly the way it should be :)

Overall I'd say a great start to the season!  Next stop -- Foxcroft CT on June 10.  Come cheer on the team!


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