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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Sasha's first trip to Sammy's :)

Fun day today -- perfect weather!  That counts for a lot :)  Had an easy day lined up -- awesome working students doing the barn and only two lessons to teach.  First one was a very excited novice student who's fun to teach simply because she is always SO excited.  hahaha reminds me how it's supposed to be.   Then the second one was my working students who are tons of fun to teach and Em came to visit and join in too :)   She also had her camera so I got to play while I taught.  Which means that lesson *might've* gone an hour and a half or so.  hahaha  ah well.  These things happen.   The girls were still up for a hack though so all good.

While they were out hacking I took out the weed-eater and was pretty impressed when it started on the first try!  hahaha tackled a good section of the driveway before it ran out of gas.  Weed-eating is one of those chores that if I feel like doing something productive I'm likely to pick above most others -- get to be out in the sun, play with reasonably harmless power tools, and destroy things.  And this is a *good* thing???  hahaha as far as chores go, I figure that's not half bad.

Get back to the barn and Em and I take advantage of the perfect weather by making the first Sammy's run of the season :)   Took all our combined texting skills, but somehow we convinced Aileen to join us along the way.  Now I've been going to Sammy's with various riding people for the last 3 or 4 barns, but this was the first time I've ever taken my puppy :)   When I ordered my ice cream it came with a doggy treat.  hahaha awesome.  So we were sitting around the picnic table with both Sasha and her very-well-trained buddy Saoirse hanging out -- super training op for Sash since there were lots of people coming by and the occasional other dog.   And she was great - I was so happy with her!   And when the very cute little girl in her summer dress and flip-flops asked if she could pat the puppy, I was actually able to say yes without physically holding Sasha.  She was wiggling with excitement, but managed to keep it under control.  Woohoo!  hahaha that might be a first.  Had to laugh at one point though; we were the only ones there and I look over and Sasha's munching a puppy treat.  Ummmm ok...   And a few minutes later - another one!  It was raining puppy treats!  hahaha best. stop. ever.   The guy from in the ice cream booth was throwing them to the dogs :)

Home for family dinner (happy Mother's Day!!!) and then an easy evening with a movie playing in the background.   Pretty decent day all round :)


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