Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Yikes - how are we half way through the week already???

So I expected that the first week after I opened I'd be pretty exhausted. I'm not entirely unfit, but I haven't done stalls etc since Denny's -- and honestly not so much then either, so I figured I'd be feeling it the first couple days. And I knew I'd have a reasonable amount of stuff to do this week, but figured it was doable. Yeah what I didn't count on was this week being insane and improving fitness. Ugh - waking up each morning feeling like I just did back-to-back dressage lessons. Legs and abs screaming. Why? No idea. hahaha but clearly a *little* more active than I have been lately. Having a whole lot of fun though. Left greenhawk with FIVE carts full the other day. Yikes! Wonderful personal shopper gets huge thanks for that one since she arranged it that I could send the list a few days early and they'd track down everything for me. hahaha a *little* later than intended, but still much easier than me having to find it all. The schoolies have done a few lessons now. Jack's a riot. Big teddy bear with a great personality. Dixie's basically a superstar :) And Lissy's an all round sweetheart. Anyways - ton of stories from the week but I have to run now :)


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