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Nano update

So I *still* haven't posted the rest of my nano-novel. Oops. Sorry - been a little busy. hahaha but rumour has it I have a couple hours off on Boxing day, so potentially then? It will go up though! And I hope you'll still read it even though November is very much over... And the nanowrimo stats are in: It was a banner event, with 200,530 writers taking part, 37,479 winners crossing the 50,000-word finish line, and 2,872,682,109 billion words written over the course of the month! Absolutely astonishing.


Hours off on Boxing Day? I'm sorry, but you heard wrong...Just kidding - hope you find them!! I'm surprised you can think straight right now with everything going on! :-)


hahaha so I originally wrote "this weekend" -- and then I realized that all day Sat and all day Sun are already booked... So then I changed it to "next weekend" and realized that's Christmas (note, no scheduled shopping time in there yet!)

So then I figured boxing day -- but realistically, I'm opening for business Jan 1 -- I'll have to be hitting the sales on boxing day! Yikes!

But I do want to put it up, so somewhere in there I will find time to do it :) Just not so sure when.


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