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OD Fun :)

So today was my last day at Overdrive. Yikes! Only office job I've actually enjoyed so seems strange to be leaving it. Both terrified and incredibly excited about next steps :) So I thought I might review some of the more entertaining snipits of life working with artists in a design shop: - there was one day I moderated an intense debate about "gloss" vs "matte" finishes on chocolate products (ie peanut butter cups vs peanut butter balls) Unfortunately I don't remember who won. - I can remember searching for plain, boring, office scotch tape. Instead I found 6 *other* types of tape. I don't think I even knew there *were* six kinds of tape. And of course, none of which were the plain scotch tape I was looking for. - Then repeat that same process for envelopes - one day shortly after I started working there, I went into the washroom to discover a giant sculpture constructed entirely out of toilet paper roles. - random kareokee iphone moments. Sometimes enhanced with autotune. Every office should make this part of the work day :) - the most awkward person in a crowd: the quiet shouter. The random person who always "shouts" their sentences, but at whisper volume. Admit it, you know one :) - Randy the slightly-challenged ghost. Ummmm I think you had to be there for that one :) - there was one day where one of our team had to teleconference in for an ichat meeting. By the end he had "thought bubble" stickies and facial improvements stuck to him. And photos taken of all. - the 50's "Sears Evergleam" christmas tree - complete with Star Trek Enterprise ornament. I had so much fun putting this together :) - amazing field trips. Among others we went to the ROM, most of the museums in Hamilton, the Toronto Zoo, Earth Rangers... One office we had meetings at had board rooms called "I don't know" and "somewhere else" -- as in "where are we meeting?" "I don't know." Ok so it amused me anyways :) And tons of other fun moments. While I was there I also managed to learn a ton of strange and unusual things - everything from photoshop 101 to how to bind a report. By far the most impressive part though was seeing the work these guys could turn out. Starting from sometimes nothing and ending up with something incredible never failed to amaze me. And now the time has come to move on. My last day at the office is also my first day teaching a group lesson on my school horses -- and the riders are the girls who've been with me forever. Seems right somehow. :)


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