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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

mmmm caffeine

From GRS blog: ah the joys of starting a new business. And while I must admit I'm having a blast and I'm so ridiculously busy that I almost never have time to be terrified, every once in a while I have fleeting moments where I miss the idea of sleep *g* In the last 24 hours (and keep in mind, I'm still working full time at my day job, so that cuts about 10h out of the useful time), I've done two farm tours (yeah!), taught a lesson, ridden two horses, learned all about/did a budget for/designed and implemented a facebook ad campaign, communicated with half a dozen people selling horses, updated my website (again!), created a new album on the fb site, rebooked all the horses I meant to see on Sunday when I realized that Sunday is already booked with a non-horsey commitment (imagine that!). Spoken to two different insurance companies and started on the mountain of related paper work, spoken to the OEF and started on their mountain of paperwork (due tonight - no problem. Can do that after work. And teaching. And riding. You know - in all that spare time :), bought a small tack store (ok I didn't really do that -- my personal shopper gets all the credit there!), managed to write a blog post (priorities people! 10 years from now this'll be a fond memory :), and noticed that somehow The List is *still* growing! Yikes! But at least I'm not bored :) Just seriously hoping some of it pays off in the form of business! hmmmm Christmas shopping anybody?


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