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Customer Service?

So customer service comparison today. I needed paint. Preferably affordable paint. And relevant supplies. So I hit up home depot. Nobody in the paint area. I locate colour, compare paints, find rollers etc. Building a small pile of stuff on the desk. Customer service desk is across the aisle. 4 people hanging out there chatting. Occasionally watching my activities. Ready to go. Still no sign of service. Wander over to customer service desk, "oh there should be a paint associate there." I'm sorry but that was about the most idiotic response ever. Clearly there's not. If there was, I wouldn't have been interrupting their oh-so-busy standing-around (seriously, they weren't even pretending to look like they were doing something useful). So I wander back to the still service-less paint area and another random staff member walks by - this one's clearly on a mission somewhere but at least stops for a second to ask if I've been helped. When I said no he got on his handy-dandy walkie-talkie and requested over the loudspeaker that the paint associate return. Assures me he'll be there in moments. Several minutes later... You guessed it -- no sign of anybody except the multiple staff providing no service in the customer service area. I was beginning to wonder if they were placing wagers about how long I would wait there. Feeling slightly bitter about all the wasted time, I left. So with this in mind I headed over to Colour Your World. Paint store's likely to be more expensive, but I figure there's a hope I might actually get stuff. Sure enough all of about two seconds after I walked in "Can I help you with anything?" Yes, yes you can... I need paint and supplies, preferably cheap :) So he goes and finds me the budget version of everything I needed. Longest wait time was what it took to shake the paint :) On the plus side - I was pretty impressed with the Colour Your World guy, I now have paint. And even more exciting - I have a sign for GRS! Woohoo :) It's an interim sign until I get my snazzy new logo, but I'm still pretty excited about it. Now just have to figure out how to put it up... hmmmmm Tomorrow should be only *slightly* insane. But I think lots of people are coming to help. I have the most awesome students!


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