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Wii Psyc

I think when I finally make the opportunity to study for my phD it my have to be in psychology. Partially because I'm really interested in learning what makes people tick. What *are* they thinking? A question asked all so often by those confuzled by the actions they see, but one I genuinely want to know the answer too (this because I've met a few people I just can't understand - I like them and am highly amused by them, but have absolutely no idea what's going on in their heads). And partially because I'm really interested in studying what the little things you do can reflect about your personality.

For instance -- (guilty secret time) I play Dance Dance Revolution. Regularly. It's currently my fav low-level cardio workout (as in not equal to spinning or step, but substantially better than sitting on the couch), and I have managed to hook a few of my friends on this (all women). My guy friends refuse to be involved BUT the only two people I ever saw succeed on this at the stupidly-high you-must-be-kidding-me level, were boys competing against one another at pladium (ummmm see the post about the 12th bday). So my battle-of-the-sexes theory is women play because it amuses them, men play to win. And if they're not going to win, they're not going to play. Overly simplified generalization of course (with multiple exceptions), but I think it'd be interesting to study the adult m vs f enrollment in beginner level activities. If my theory's correct, it'd be substantially skewed towards women (maybe with a seperate category for men-trying-to-impress-a-woman since that does tend to override natural tendencies).

Anyways -- back to DDR... I've noticed distinctly differnt playing styles. The game itself is esentially set up for self competition; even when you're playing with multiple people, unless you all happen to be at the same level (which seems fairly rare) there's really no competition. You can even play in "friendship" mode where there is literally no competition. Blah >;-P hahaha but I'm wondering what the styles represent about personality.

For instance, some of those I've observed:

- one friend who tried once and now won't even get on... Mostly due to self-doubt. "I'm not coordinated enough for this." But really, we all (well except one - see way below :) do horrendously badly the first few times. That whole riding a bike thing. Have to fall off a few times before you get the hang of it. So why not keep trying? And how does it apply to life, if the first try at something doesn't go well? On the other hand, you know she's amazingly brilliant at all the things she *does* do!!!

- this is contrasted by the one who won't get on because "it's silly" (ummm insert adult vocabulary there). She never even tried it once, being far too refined for such pursuits. Makes you wonder though what other undignified (read fun :) pursuits she might be missing in real life?

- there's the one who completely aces one level and has no interest whatsoever in moving up. I meet a lot of these in riding too. DQs in particular :) They get really *really* good at one level, comfortable there, but still find it sufficiently challenging that there's no need to move up. And strive instead for that perfect (and I mean literally perfect) score. IRL, these people tend to be super-organized, rule-oriented, list makers, clean house, etc. Or so my rather limited study would suggest :)

- then there's the complete opposite who gets a barely passing grade, deems that sufficient, and moves on to the higher one. This one fails more often than any of the others, but also ends up eventually playing on the highest levels. The IRL problem with moving up too fast being that basics may occasionally get missed. Think putting together Ikea furniture starting w/ step 4.

- there's the naturally talented. Can do it all (even with the hands turned on) and never break a sweat. We hate her. >;-P (sorry A, you know we really love you :)

I'm sure there are lots of other styles that reflect life skills, but those are the ones I've personally experienced. And yes, one of those is me (question is, do you know which?). And something that interests me is, when I was in highschool a completely different option was me (bonus points if you know that one!). And I don't entirely understand how or why it changed. I remember @ the time being envious of one of my best friends who was so naturally in the section I'd put myself in now. Or so it seemed to me :) But I'd be interested in knowing how such a deeply ingrained personality shift happened (and it wasn't complete - there are situations that still draw the HS me back - usually to the surprise of those who didn't know me then; I can override them if I want, but it has to be a conscious decision), and even more so, knowing how to use that to effect other changes. Hence the whole psychology idea :)

Anyways -- there's wii-psyc 101 for ya :) My greatest thanks and sincerest apologies to my "subjects" whose permission I most decidedly did not have. hahaha I hope you won't take this as grounds for unfriending me. Luv ya all.

Oh and here's another random question. Who thinks this stuff up? Really? Is there anybody else out there who seriously contemplates the power of wii games to reveal psychological characteristics? And other such completely random topics. I think I might need help. Anybody know a good shrink?


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