Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If God is dead, would God's murderer not himself have been a superior God?

So I'm reading the Lapham's Quarterly publication on religion. Not a topic that's usually my first choice since my experience with religions has been with their writings as really interesting works of fiction, and the historical results of interpretations of those writings. But it would seem the editor comes to it from much the same background (albeit a more learned one than mine) as in his introduction he writes: "I came to my early acquaintance with the Bible in company with my first readings of Grimm's Fairy Tales and Bullfinch's Mythology, but as an unbaptized child raised in a family unaffiliated with the teachings of a church, I missed the explanation as to why the stories about Moses and Jesus were to be taken as true while those about Apollo and Rumpelstiltskin were not." He moves on from this in a way I haven't yet quite managed hahaha. Flipping through the book (that I haven't had time to read beyond the intro -- hey it only just arrived! Well that and NCIS was on :) -- anyways flipping through the book I'm not sure yet the variety of religions represented, although I did stumble upon one page listing various Superheros of religions -- Gods, their names, responsibilities, abilities, etc. Thought that was an interesting way of presenting the summary. Obviously not a comprehensive list as that'd fill the book itself, but some of the perhaps you should know but maybe you don't variety. Anyways -- I was amused, so I thought I'd share :)

On a completely different note -- a take on a digital magazine reader that looks fairly interesting. I don't read many magazines, but I could definitely see doing so with that interface. Only thing missing is a search feature (after all, I'd theoretically eventually have MANY magazines on there -- I might want to have it search them all for specific information. -- ie, search the horse mag collection for all gymnastic exercises; suddenly winter wouldn't be nearly so tedious :)

Gotta say I'm still loving the magic picture frame. Except when it dies. Is that normal (are they not meant to be on for several hours @ a time)? Or should I return it?

Superpony was amazing, yet again. Working on consistently hitting a spot and lengthening/shortening stride on request. So think 1 baby-sized fence, and a pole on the ground about 7 strides away. Jump the fence, canter 7 strides to the pole, 15m circle, pick up the pole again on stride on a bending line. Repeat with 6 strides in the line. Repeat with 8. Change direction and start the game all over again *g* And you know what? She was really good about it. Never lost her brain, and very quickly learned to wait for me to tell her what pace we were going at. The 15m circle thing was more for interest sake than anything -- she's pretty good at that game now, esp as it was just a pole on the ground (as opposed to, say, a bounce?) Compared to last week where cantering a single fence then took a lap and a half of the ring to relocate her brain *g* Or a few months ago when if I tried to alter the canter even the slightest we'd either break to trot or frantic gallop. hahaha As good as she was though, I couldn't help thinking of Zel and the first time she did the same exercise (well except she had 2 fences). We were at a clinic, she was 2 years younger than Sienna, and had absolutely no difficulty with it. As a 3yo she had a 5-stride range (as in we could get anywhere between 4 and 8 strides) w/ no issue at all; when she got older we got up to about 8. That little horse could collect like there was a cliff at the end of the line. Gotta admit some days I really miss the princess. But then Si goes and trots over a 3'3 fence w/ absolutely no effort at all -- so pluses and minuses :)

hahaha ok so this made me laugh. The most useless machine ever! And yes, that's 15 seconds of your life you'll never get back -- but just think how much *more* time was spent building it!


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