Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Beast vs Rabbit

Line of the day: “You can’t boost a beast with a rabbit; you need a bigger beast.”
Hahaha yes indeed, the beast died again (apparently it doesn’t believe cold days are in its contract) and boosting it with the rabbit failed miserably. Boosting it with a bigger beast however, worked wonders. Thanks Steve for saving the day :) Again!

All this was so I could take Sienna to a clinic with Ian Roberts, which went really well. That story’s on the Graduate Riding School blog if you’re interested. Short version – exercises not particularly challenging, quality of instruction was excellent (no surprise there), Sienna went from disaster to brilliance. So overall I was pretty thrilled.

After the clinic I finally booked our trip to Varadero; for the curious, Sunwing won the travel site debate. lost because they were only offering a 5 day trip, whereas Sunwing had a 7 day. I’m very excited about the hotel we found; it has amazing reviews and hadn’t been on my radar at all, so it was a great find. I suspect it was too expensive until it really was last minute :)

Anyways – I have approximately six days worth of stuff to do in the next two days, so I’m off. My theory is if I don’t sleep, I may have almost enough time. I can sleep on the beach :)


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