Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So back to the real world today. Not so bad actually -- only 100 emails in my inbox. Way better than I was afraid of :) I was sort of amused by the autoresponder wars. A few times a client who was technically on vacation would email me -- which my autoresponder would answer which their autoresponder

N it's a little thing, but I love having my digital picture frame on my desk. The photos make me smile every time they change -- which is currently set at 60 seconds, so that's a lot of happy moments. On the down side, I think I got a lemon :( It often randomly freezes and then none of the buttons will work and the photo won't change. Boooo. But so far turning it off and back on again seems to solve that, so we shall see. On the plus side, I love the quality of the display. Pics are super clear.

Gotta admit on days like this I miss teaching in the heated arena of my last job. My arena will be heated. One day :)

My magic picture frame just flipped past a castle pic I took in France that would work for a bg here... hmmmm maybe :) Still think I need to find a good dragon for the top corner first :)

Miss Sienna has been... Well... A teenager as of late. Sunday though she was absolutely brilliant, so I figure there's hope again :) I wanted to get a dq lesson or two in over the holiday but I was grounded due to a flat tire on my trailer. Booo.

Awwww magic picture frame froze again. And it always picks pics I don't care for to freeze on. Never quits on the ones I could stare at for hours. Sheesh. Booo on that :(

Ok time to go freeze... ummm I mean teach. Yeah that's it. Yeah for Tim Horton's gift certs! hahaha hot chocolate here I come!


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