Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Here there be dragon . . . fruit?

So a friend and I are disappearing for somewhere warm next week. Doing the "last minute" thing -- and while we've both booked the time off work, we've yet to actually book the trip. Online prices are significantly cheaper than what I was quoted at the travel agency, although the woman there was very helpful and able to provide more info on some of the places I'd found online. seems to have the best prices (and the best site to navigate), followed closely by (which has the most useful hotel reviews and an easy site to use).

itravel2000 has some good prices, but not nearly the variety of the others and their site is more clumsy to use. has some good sale prices, but only if you're going on those specific dates; less good for the random "last minute" thing.

Tripcentral seems to have the cheapest prices, but the website is pretty harsh to navigate and details on the vacations rather skimpy.

Targetvacations was both more expensive and offered the least variety.

Anyways -- that's just been my findings; anybody else done the online last minute thing before? Suggestions? I know a lot of people who've been very happy w/ selloffvacations.

I've been having a blast with this idea. But as one whose been known to hop on a plane and figure out where I'm going to stay when I get there, this isn't much of a surprise :)

Overall looks like we're probably going to Cuba -- I'm leaning towards Varadaro, but that could still change :)

On a complete random note -- I tried a new (to me) fruit today. Dragon fruit. Have to admit I was attracted both by the name and the colour :) Was actually pretty tasty (although I don't know that I'd ever eat a whole one, but a slice was good :). Anyways - just amused me so I thought I'd share.

I so did not want to be at work today. No interest at all. Usually I like my job but today, just not so much. Blah.

Ok off to teach -- at least that job's still entertaining; although it'd be more so if it were my school! So much I would change...


Hi Lauren,

Appreciate your post and hope you find the perfect trip.

I noticed you mentioned that had the least variety and higher pricing.

I would welcome further feedback at your convenience as we want to be able to provide the best online experience and our package holiday pricing is guaranteed.

Jason Sarracini


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your comment! I was very impressed at how quickly you replied to my post.

Revisiting TargetVacations led to what would be my recommendations:
- faster search algorithm
- "All South" destinations should not included the US (with the possible exception of Hawaii)
- should be able to search for more specific results (ie all inclusive, couples only, beachfront, etc)
- should provide hotel reviews
- the random chart of prices that displays is less than useful in its current form.

Those are the main things that would have to be fixed to make it a more useful site for me. I found prices more in-line with the other sites when I did a vacation search instead of a "last minute" search (which I did not do the first time, and would not have done were it not for your post -- which leads to the possibility that others may not as well).

What I really liked was the display that showed alternate room types available at the same resort at the same time.




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