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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, the triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise. ~P.Z. Pearce

So this wknd was OHTA champs, and for the first time in recent memory, I didn't go. Sienna had qualified (of course :) but I decided she wasn't ready -- and just as well since she ended up w/ a stone bruise on Fri and was off all wknd booooo... And all my competitive students moved back to uni this wknd (the nerve :). So yeah, seemed very strange to not be involved, but such is life. Next year :)

Back to school time -- it's been a while but still seems so wrong not to be going back. I so miss it. hahaha ah well -- I'm a geek what can I say :) My mum found some of my grandmother's old uni English textbooks from the 40s, which of course have all the same works I studied but w/ her notes scribbled in the margins. Was very kewl to look through. She didn't write nearly as many notes as I did though *g* Her textbooks don't have cheater footnotes :)

I *am* going to take one course. Online though so not nearly as much fun, but sobeit. A business course -- I figure given my current plans I should probably have at least the basics... It doesn't start till next week though. Would love to be taking a med lit course. hahaha or even social history. Ah well - maybe next year. hahaha maybe I'll start latin again. I liked the course I was trying last time that I dropped to go to Denny's (priorities people :)

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember the 30 things in 30 years -- and the post that started it all. Well one of those things was "run 5k". Fred only knows what I was thinking, but sobeit. Anyways, I've had it in the back of my mind that this month is probably the ideal time to do that. Once I get my farm, time will be a non-existent luxury, the weather's not too bad (cause let's face it, I'm not going to be dedicated enough to deal w/ bad weather), and I'm reasonably fit going in. So on Sat I did a 1k run (and by run I mean jog :) in w/ all my various hiking about, just to see... No problem. Was easy enough to do, no shortness of breath, all good. Ok that's a good start. hahaha till I woke up on Sunday! Quads were screaming. Which could be an issue as my riding coach already complains I use my quads too much -- making them stronger prob isn't the best idea! hahaha yet another reason *not* to run.

So anyways -- normal life and the fact that I don't like to do the same exercise two days in a row left Sunday off and Monday I tried again, thinking this time I'd push it a bit and see. Plan was to walk to my measured area (about 3k) run 2k, walk 1, run 1, walk home. Reasonable right? Intervals and all that. hahaha yeah evidently not so much. Ran the first 2 no problem, except that while I did the friendly jog for the first k, I actually put some effort into it on the 2nd. Quads stopped hurting almost right away so that was a serious plus. And really the 2k (now I know some of you are not even getting started at that point! But for me, who never runs more than a XC course, this was a reasonable distance) didn't seem too bad. A little short of breath but not really puffing - certainly not as bad as a serious step class! No the tricky part was about 2 blocks into my walk km when I got hit by an overwhelming bout of nausea. Now *that* was not fun. Google later informed me that I was probably dehydrated and/or "pushed too hard" hahaha however, having actually been guilty of the later a *few* times, I know this wasn't the case. So I ended up walking 1.5km cause it took that long to feel human again and then just jogging the last .5. There's a 5k run on the 19th (ummm less than 2 wks... All the training programs seem to take 10... No problem :) or another one the first wknd in Oct. Targeting the first, willing to do the 2nd if necessary. And run may be redefined to accept "jog" hahaha but then I can cross it off the list and be done w/ it! On the plus side, not the least bit sore today so evidently the quads have adapted. Try yesterday's plan again tomorrow w/ a bottle of water included!

We shall see. Two weeks and it'll be done. And I'll be into class :) And a month after that nano starts. hahaha so much for an easy season. I AM already leaving in the morn before the sun rises and coming home in the aft after it sets. It seems way too early in the year for that. I'm still waiting for summer :(

Alright off to work w/ me. In the dark. Sheesh.


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