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30 Things in 30 Years

This is completely unrelated to anything you might expect on this blog, but I was so impressed by it I wanted to share:

Background: heard this on the radio today -- thought the timing was pretty good... (like I said, radio choices here are country, oldies, or church. GOTTA get the Ipod fixed!!!)

Then I came across this blog -- the challenge was to come up w/ 30 things to do in the next 30 years and this was one woman's response:

She just had her 82nd birthday. I've scrolled through some of her other posts -- I REALLY hope I'm going that strong @ 82!

One that caught my attention started w/ "My little boy, he's 57..." hahaha I guess it's all in the point-of-view.

Anyways -- just thought I'd share... Off to figure out MY 30 things now *g*


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I love this post! The lyrics, and that poem that you linked are really thought-provoking. Amazing.

(Sorry about the last comment - I posted with my work email accidentally!)


Glad you like it. I spent several hours reading the site that poem came from -- a really interesting woman!


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