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Everyday strangers and other oddities

So was a XC weekend this weekend :) And what a blast. Those stories are on the GRS blog for those looking for horse stories :) I'm *still* grinning from that ride. Prob just as well that Sienna'll have today off and dressage tomorrow :)

I've been pretty excited about the response to my latest attempt at FFF. I'm loving the debate going on in the comments section about whether or not she survived and whether or not the story should be continued. Amazing to me that people are that interested in a world that exists only in my mind *g* Of course I have absolutely *no* idea what I'm supposed to write for this Friday, but I guess time will tell :) hahaha It's a reasonably safe bet though that it won't involve Jezina or the world on either side of the boundary. Sorry guys :) Maybe someday, but not this week! She seems to want her story told though so I don't know... Maybe nano? We shall see...

Our phone @ work today was picking up random phone conversations. We decided we've been downgraded to the partyline. And disturbing too -- quite eerie to pick up the phone and randomly hear somebody else's conversation.

hahaha got sent this blog that might appeal to some readers -- esp those of my father's generation *g* Enjoy!

*impressive rant deleted* -- you should've seen it, eloquent, well written... Sheer brilliance really :) Deleted to protect the guilty. Was fun to write though even if I really shouldn't publish it :)

So I was thinking the other day about everyday strangers. That'd be all the people we pass in our lives but never really connect with. There's a guy who drives a jeep that has several bumper stickers on it. Said stickers caught my attention one day so I noticed the jeep. Then a couple days later I noticed it again "hey, there's that jeep again" says my really intelligent inner self (yeah I'm usually a little slow at that time of day). Over the following weeks I discovered that about three days a week I was on the highway w/in 2 cars of this jeep and that we both get off at the same exit. Clearly on close to the same schedule at least for that part of the day! This is not somebody I know. Not somebody I'm ever likely to know, but for a few hours a week, every week, our lives are related. And how many other less distinctive vehicles are the same day in and day out? Or the guy who sits on the porch across the street from my office. Almost all day, every day. Our very own neighbourhood watch. Him I wave to as I go in and out of the building *g* but really, what's the story? I would love to have sufficient time to sit around all day every day, but you can bet it wouldn't be spent sitting around! hahaha

There's a saying that the only truly qualified riding instructor is a horse. Well fortunately for me most students don't understand their language so hence I have a job as interpreter *g*. That being said, sometimes they make their point far far better than I ever could. The other day I had a student who did something ridiculously dumb. This is not a novice rider who didn't know better, she knew what she was doing and just wasn't thinking. And as I saw her going to do it I was saying "that's a *really* bad idea" and by the time I had "idea" out rider was sitting on the ground and horse was calmly trotting away laughing. And those who think horses don't laugh haven't met any real schoolies. Since the rider was perfectly fine I couldn't help but be amused -- it was so well timed. "You did kinda deserve that you know." (to which I'm sure those watching were utterly appalled at my lack of sympathy) "Yeah I know" she says as she brushes the dirt off and heads across the ring to go reclaim her horse. Was such a classic "stupid *should* hurt" moment -- and fortunately only hurt her pride. Was enough that she didn't make that mistake again though. Horses are definitely the best teachers, but they're also the hardest!


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