Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Such a fun ride today :)

OMG had soooo much fun riding today. hahaha short version -- woohoo :) Long version -- on the GRS blog :)

Heard this line on tv and amused me enough to share:
"Can you walk while you talk?"
"You know I've never actually attempted something so complex before, but I'm a quick learner."

hahaha ok so maybe not that funny but it was well delivered :)

Very tired. Have not been sleeping well; sleeping a lot (comparatively) but in like 2h increments. Would rather sleep less and straight through *sigh*

So my FB hasn't been working right since last week... Anybody else?

Typing this on a tiny little computer that I just realized has no spell check. hahaha scary how reliant we become on that! But given the whole tired thing I'm not about to type anything worth checking. Afraid brilliance is beyond me tonight. Or possibly every night :)

Alright I'm off to try and sleep... Really was an amazing ride :)


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