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GRS goes . . . Western???

So I did my first "official" 5K run on Sat -- it was a casual one in preparation for the "real" one next weekend. And then I'm done :)

Anyways this was fairly entertaining -- was put on by a group of highschool students raising money for World Vision (which I've been donating to over the last few years) so that was a convenient plus. They had mini cheering squads parked at strategic locations around the course -- and I have to admit it made a difference :) It'd be really hard to give in and take a walk break while somebody's cheering at you to keep going *g* And of course there *had* to be a comment about crossing the finish line smiling. Sheesh. I would be that person. Did have to laugh though -- as I crossed the finish line the song on the loud speaker was chanting "that which don't kill me will make me stronger/ Gotta hurry up now..." hahaha omg could the lyrics been any more apt? But even better was the guy w/ the mic singing Dory-style "just keep run-ning, just keep run-ning". Ok so I'm easily amused. What can I say? Was impressed by the number of parents there w/ fairly little kids. Most were doing the 1k version but there was a 7yo doing the 5k. Thought that was pretty impressive :)

So after that went and rode two horses and taught a bunch of lessons. Yeah little sore now *g*

Sunday was Kerri's first show this decade -- what a riot :) hahaha and superstar horsewoman that she is took Champion!!! Wooohoo!!! (great pic of her and Iroc on the GRS blog :) And has me thinking I need to switch to Western >;-P Can win lots of money and the people are more entertaining to watch at the same time :) No XC though -- that's a bit of a huge issue!

Finally updated some pics on the GRS website. Starting to set up the "student favourites" and "hall of fame" sections -- if you are or have been a student of mine and have anything for those pls pls pls send em over!!! hahaha

Bunch of other random stuff to write but gotta run now. L8r :)


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